Apologies for any Re-Direction to my web site

Hi, many apologies if you have been re-directed here after clicking on one of my links on Twitter, forums or via a search engine.  I had too many blogs and web sites to control and maintain, so took the decision to consolidate all my traffic to this web site instead. This enables me to concentrate on other interests (apart from porn).

I’ll still be posting links to great videos and write some articles about my work in the adult industry. But by just having one web site, one email address, one twitter account, I can also enjoy my other hobbies such as flying my drone more often and writing my book.  Oh and spending a little more time with the wife and kids! 😉

Come and join me on Twitter where I post stuff most of the day.  I am fortunate to have a job that I love, that also allows me to be online for nearly 16 hours a day.

I’m hoping you will find something entertaining on this porn blog.  I’m planning to do some YouTube videos soon, if I can figure a way of avoiding being banned by YouTube police.


Sperm Bank Deposit Rebecca Moore & Danny D

After getting fired from the sperm bank for being “over-enthusiastic” in her duties, Rebecca Moore decides to start a freelance sperm bank out of her home. Luckily for donor Danny D, Rebecca offers a very hands on approach. She also offers her “weeping vagina,” so called because of it’s frequent wetness, and for special customers like Danny, her tight ass.

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My wife has big boobs – Whats the problem?

To be honest, I should of expected these problems when I first started dating her. If I noticed her big boobs, then I’m pretty sure other guys will also notice. For instance, simple things like walking around a super market with the wife, I’m continuously noticing other guys blatantly staring at her tits. Some of these guys are actually with their partners and still they have no hesitation in trying to look down my wife’s top to catch a glimpse of her wonderful cleavage.

My wife's boobs

So I have now decided to try and get reactions from these guys when they see me noticing that they are looking at my wife’s tits. What I do now is I stare right in their faces so when they look away from my wife’s tits, they see me looking at them and making them aware that I know they were looking at her boobs. This has resulted in some quite funny reactions. Most guys just look away and pretend they did not notice my stare, but I really respect the guys who see me and then give either an apologetic nod. As if to say, “fair play, you caught me there”. I also have a little giggle when some guys just give a nod of appreciation to the boobs. As if to say “you lucky bastard”.

But who am I to complain. Like I said, I was quick to notice her big boobs and I should take the rough with the very smooth. I have occasionally posted a photo of her boobs (not nude) on twitter.

So if I get any comments about her tits, either good or bad, I only have myself to blame.

DaneJones Don’t Stop Fernando & Nikki

s1661_dont_stop_video_mainGorgeous Nikky looks so inviting for the lucky Fernando, a glint in her eyes her as she lets him slowly explore her body, undressing her before he takes the time to dive in and eat her out, Nikky returns the favour when she pleasures him with a slow and sensual blowjob.

She sucks his cock longingly and Fernando is left thinking “do whatever you want, but don’t stop”. After an extended session with his cock inside, her sparkling eyes lock on his and probe, urging him to keep going, to not stop until he cums.

MassageRooms Anna on Denis Anna Rose & Richard

mr1408_anna_on_denis_video_mainThere are a few things that masseuse Anna Rose loves in a client, and they are blonde hair, tattoos and a great physique, so you can only imagine her delight when Denis walked in for one of her famous oily rub downs.

Her delicate hands hesitantly made their way to his ripped torso and lay softly upon him, by which time her heart was racing ten to the dozen and she could barely contain herself.

But with every stroke and rub she became not only more confident in the presence of this hunk she craved but hornier and more wetter than usual, just begging for the moment he would touch her back.

Girlfriends Amateur Photography Alexis & Angel

gfx1136_amateur_photography_video_mainAlexis just got a fancy new camera and her friend Angel is the perfect subject to test it out on. Of course, once the poses tend toward the erotic it’s not long before clothes are being shed and the two blonde beauties can no longer contain their natural sapphic urges!

These two young women not only have breathtakingly beautiful bodies but both girls are brimming with fun personalties that captivate everyone. Whether they are just flirting with their clothes on, or writhing around naked as they groan in ecstasy, Alexis and Angel are a delight for every sense.

Lesbea Something Special Erica B & Kari

k1598_something_special_video_mainKari looked sensational in her little white jean shorts and denim jacket, from the moment the sultry Erica laid eyes on her she knew something special was in the air.

There was a slight tension, an electricity between the two as they moved closer, their eyes now locked on each other. Soon Erica undressed Kari and loved her slender body so much that she became noticeably moist as she touched it.

This was all before Kari showed her how she eats a pussy, burying herself in Erica

MOM George and Jenny You’re So Beautiful

m1448_youre_so_beautiful_video_main_x2Jenny was always stunning in her college days as she was a model and athletics guru but now she is even more radiant. Her golden blonde hair simply glows as the light hits every strand and her eyes are alive with excitement and devilish intent.

George has always had a soft spot for Jenny, and as he says himself “It’s rare to meet someone so beautiful on the outside as well as the inside”. The two have a magical sensual electricity between them which is obvious the moment you see them together, and this always leads to the most passionate of love making with both of them reaching new sensual heights together.

PublicAgent Fit babe sucks and fucks to get on tv

p1306_fit_babe_sucks_and_fucks_to_get_on_tv_mainI was just wandering the streets on my way home when I saw this hot babe with jet black hair on the other side of the road. I run over to her with an offer she will love! I told her about this reality show I’ve been getting talent in for, she seemed interested, went along with it, I told her though I could give her a small payment for a quick casting.

I just needed to see her body, just in her bra and panties. She was more than happy to find a spot and take her clothes off for me! I could feel my dick getting hard as she took her clothes off. I asked her if I gave her a LOT more money if she would have sex with me, right there and then!

She obliged and started sucking my cock like a pro! This babe really knows what she’d doing! Then she bends over, pulls her thong down and I start fucking her from behind, I caught a great angle of my cock going in and out of her perfect pussy!

FakeHospital Jasmine Webb sucks and fucks for free healthcare

fh1160_english_beauty_sucks_and_fucks_for_free_healthcare_mainI was expecting an English patient this morning but what I wasn’t expecting was the beautiful and charismatic Jasmine who walked into my office and made my cock instantly stand to attention. She had injured her ankle and wanted me to take a look at it.

Unfortunately for her but lucky for me, we did not accept her health insurance card to pay for the appointment, so I knew then that we could arrange alternative payment methods. I got her onto the examining table and put a support bandage onto her ankle, gazing the whole time at her breasts which were bursting out of her dress. I couldn’t let her leave without tasting this English rose so I told her I could give her another check up for free whilst she was there. She was very flirtatious with me and I soon had her laying on her front as I kneaded her firm ass cheeks.

Her breathing got heavier and I knew she was as turned on as me so I slid her panties off and stuck my tongue into her moist and tasty pussy. What followed was one of the best patient sessions I’ve ever had, as this dirty lady licked and fucked me in all manner of positions. She was an amazing fuck, very vocal and her amazing figure was an absolute delight to touch and feel. Her tight pussy tested all of my cock control and it was soon time for me to empty my balls.

She got onto her knees and I shot a load of my medical waste all over her face and glasses. I may have to go over to England for my next holiday to see if all the English women are as dirty and delicious as she was.

FakeAgent Cute girl with big natural tits fucked hard in office

c1455_cute_girl_with_big_natural_tits_fucked_hard_in_office_mainAnabelle is a hot chick with huge natural breasts which you can’t keep your eyes off. As soon as she walked into my office they’re the first things I noticed and during the interview I found it very difficult to look anywhere else but her amazing tits!

She’s a 20 year old student who is currently working as a waitress but would like to earn more money as a model if she can. I told her what I could offer for her and how much money she could make if she tried something erotic! She was keen when she heard about the money and she said that she enjoyed watching porn movies.

She decided to give it a shot and she stripped naked. We fucked hard on the couch and I knew I had to have a slippery tit wank to finish! Classic!