Apologies for any Re-Direction to my web site

Hi, many apologies if you have been re-directed here after clicking on one of my links on Twitter, forums or via a search engine.  I had too many blogs and web sites to control and maintain, so took the decision to consolidate all my traffic to this web site instead. This enables me to concentrate on other interests (apart from porn).

I’ll still be posting links to great videos and write some articles about my work in the adult industry. But by just having one web site, one email address, one twitter account, I can also enjoy my other hobbies such as flying my drone more often and writing my book.  Oh and spending a little more time with the wife and kids! 😉

Come and join me on Twitter where I post stuff most of the day.  I am fortunate to have a job that I love, that also allows me to be online for nearly 16 hours a day.

I’m hoping you will find something entertaining on this porn blog.  I’m planning to do some YouTube videos soon, if I can figure a way of avoiding being banned by YouTube police.


PublicAgent Hot glasses babe fucks in public bathroom


I was just walking through the cite when I saw this sexy looking woman with glasses. I don’t know what it is about glasses on a girl, I love them! So I stopped this girl and told her I was a music video director and had the perfect role for her. She was immediately very interested, she told me she was a student and would like to earn some extra cash. I told her I’d need to see her body first though (even though I could tell she was smokin’ hot underneath anyway!) I offered her a small amount of cash to go somewhere a little more private and show me her body. Thankfully, she obliged!

We found a bathroom nearby, she showed me her body. She had such a sweet body and hot black underwear! I could feel my dick getting harder in my pants. I thought I’d see if she’d be interested in sleeping with me so I offered her a load more cash and before i knew it her lips were wrapped around my cock! She was working it like a pro, teasing the end of my dick with her tongue before deep throating all the way down! I placed the camera to the side, pulled down her panties and fucked her hard from behind, caught a great angle of my cock going in and out of her pussy! I let her get on top for awhile before I came all over her perfect tits!

Let’s Call Your Boyfriend Over Cassidy Klein, Farrah Dahl & Xander Corvus

Sweet, dreamy Cassidy Klein loves to dance around her room in skimpy clothes, listening to her favorite tunes–but not as much as she loves it when her stepmother, Farrah Dahl, eats her out. When Farrah tells Cassidy to call over a big cock for them to share, Xander Corvus is in for a surprise–he’s going to get to fuck both sluts!

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Gimme a C-O-C-K Jillian Janson & Johnny Sins

Jillian is a cheerleader who has a huge crush on her landscaper–and his big cock! She teases him with her cheerleading routine, stretching out her ass cheeks and showcasing her tight pussy, before getting oiled up by the pool. After plenty of teasing, Johnny is ready to fulfill her fantasy and fucks Jillian poolside, giving her the C-O-C-K and making the sexy cheerleader’s day!

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FakeTaxi Sexy milf with big tits does anal


Well, hello South America! This was one hot mature milf that had please fuck me all over her. Well, at least that’s what I was hoping for. She was lovely and had a pair of amazing tits and after she had popped them out for a free ride there was no going back for me, I needed them in my mouth and fast.

After we made a deal that I would drive her around for the next couple of days if I could get in the back and in her knickers, it was time to find one of my nearest spots to get my hands on her. When I got in the back I could not believe the size of her tits. They felt so good I almost came in my pants.

As I pulled her panties off down her long sexy legs I could not wait to get my tongue all over her pussy and watch her tense with pleasure as I run my tongue all over her clit.

DaneJones Catlin I’m Restless

s1663_im_restless_video_mainSweet young blonde Caitlin has just spent one of those listless days at home, uncertain of what to do and so unfulfilled.

So as soon as Nick returns she realises how horny she’s been all day and welcomes him with passionate kisses.

Soon she is lying on the bed with his face between her thighs and her restless day seems so far away as she enjoys every moment of this intimate love making.

FakeHospital Fit nurse sucks and fucks body builder

fh1161_fit_nurse_sucks_and_fucks_body_builder_mainI was doing some filing when I had a patient knock and come in. This guy was so hot, he had the most amazing body. I knew from the second he walked in I just had to fuck him! We sat down and I took down a few basic details before I said I’d have to examine him, to get to the root cause of his compliant.

I got him to take his shirt off, walk over to the bed and drop his pants! After he did, I got on my knee’s and started sucking on his huge, hard cock! It tasted so good! I kept looking up in to his eyes as got as much of his cock as I could in my mouth! I don’t wanna be too generous though! I stand up, drop my nurse outfit on the floor, revealing my pink underwear. I get him to take it all off, get on the bed and taste my wet pussy!

I could tell it was the best tasting pussy he’s ever had! But I want more, I want that cock deep inside me! He gets up, slips his cock in and out, starting slow and then fucking me good and hard! His eyes were fixated on my bouncing tits! I let him fuck any way he wanted until finally letting him cum all over my face and in my mouth!

FemaleAgent Strap on fuck makes busty brunettes big tits bounce

f1308_strap_on_fuck_makes_busty_brunettes_big_tits_bounce_mainLets get one thing straight, I love big tits and Anabelle’s breasts were so big they reached the desk a full minute before she did. Her bra must have been made of adamantium to keep these big, bouncy tits under control.

I couldn’t wait to see those things get unleashed from her bra and fall straight into my open, grasping hands. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, I had a full interview to do first before I even knew if I could get her naked and wet on my couch. Turns out, I was worrying about nothing. This sexy woman was the most agreeable person I’ve ever had on my couch.

She said yes to everything and anything I suggested and when I told her she would have to do a casting with me to get work she agreed immediately. This was outstanding, I phoned my cameraman to grab my strap on and come in so we could capture these beautiful big tits properly. When he arrived I wasted no time in getting her on the couch and her pussy into my mouth. I squeezed and kneaded those fabulous breasts as she squirmed on the end of my tongue. I was so horny I couldn’t hold back anymore and we swapped positions and she began to lick and finger fuck my pussy until I burst into her mouth as my orgasm hit me. I wanted to see those big tits bounce properly so I got my strap on and slid it into her tight, moist hole. I had to go slow as it was so big it would have hurt her if I went to town on it, so I swapped her into the doggy position so I could feed more of my length into her.

What a sight it was to behold, watching my plastic phallus slide into her from behind as her awesome tits jiggled and bounced, hopped and jumped, slapped and smacked together like two boxers exchanging flesh punches. She soon had a beautiful orgasm and I watched her whole body shake from behind as waves of pleasure coursed through every nerve in her body. It was time for her to go, I was going to miss this woman and her tits, thankfully it’s all on camera for us all to enjoy forever.