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CumShotEditor is a great piece of software that allows you edit sexy photos to make them look naked or with cum over their faces or tits. It looks easy to use and the results look amazing. With piece of porn software you can edit photos of your friends or fantasy celebrity so it looks like they are wearing see-through clothing. Lots of fun!

Have you ever wanted to cum on your sweet friends’ faces? Now you can with Cumshot Editor Pro.
Cumshot Editor Pro is a piece of adobe-like editor software created specifically for the need to generate photo realistic cum on female (and male) faces.

Generating and editing all the cumshots exactly as you may have imagined them in your mind has been made extremely easy. It only literally takes 30 seconds to generate a professional-grade cumshot and save the picture to your computer.

You will find endless editing possibilities combined with user-friendly interface. Cumshot generating and editing has never been more satisfying and pleasurable. We’ve taken care of the details, you enjoy the outcome.

Cumshot Editor’s powerful framework and meta options along with its unique structure lets you create any adult style work in seconds. These simple yet powerful options bring diversification freedom at its best. You will find yourself in a countless loop of pleasurable friend and celebrity editing with almost no framework restrictions.

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