Day With A Pornstar: Dani Dani Daniels & Jessy Jones

Top porn star Dani Daniels invites you to spend a day with her. Follow Dani Daniels and she plans her day out on the golfing range. Can she go a whole day without taking a cock in her sweet pussy. I don't think so. this is A Day with a Porn Star with Dani Daniels. Anything she does will be captured on camera. So you get to see her getting dressed and undressed of course.

Will there be any sex involved....probably 😉

In this episode of Day With A Pornstar, hot-body Dani Daniels spends the afternoon on the golf course, putting around with Jessy Jones. Naturally a game based on putting something hard in a hole leads these two horn dogs to plot a ferocious post game fuck session!

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