Doc, We’re Stuck Xander Corvus, Nicole Aniston & Kendra Lust

If you are going to get your cock stuck in any vagina in the world, who better than to get it stuck in than Nicole Aniston. But all good things must come to an end when you're having fun. Xander Corvus and Nicole Aniston are both cheating on their husbands and wives, so when Xander gets his cock stuck in Nicole's clamping pussy, they have no choice but to go and seek medical assistance.

Fortunately for them, the doctor they see is a sexy brunette babes called Kendra Lust. One of the sexiest female doctors every to set foot inside a hospital. This did not help Xander in the slightest. He needed his cock to lose it's erection, not maintain one. Dr Kendra Lust is also a sexual health expert and she knows that she just needs to aply a little lube and tickle his balls and his cock should just slide out of Nicole's pussy.

Sure enough this technique worked. But Xander had to confess that his medical insurance did not cover sexual related complications. So Dr Kendra Lust came up with a payment solution that suits everybody. Kendra suggested that they finish off their sex session right there in her doctors surgery and let Kendra join in too. This was music to Xander and Nicole Aniston's ear's. Nicole Aniston and Kendra Lust both take it in turns to be fucked hard by Xander. Kendra Lust looks so fucking sexy in her glasses and doctors gown.

The next time I visit the doctor's I'm going to have this Brazzers Doc, We're Stuck scene playing over and over in my head.

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