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I’ve heard some shit stories in my time but this one take the fucking biscuit. I was out and about on the the street when I was sure I could hear someone in this old workshop. Feeling brave, I thought I would go and investigate further. As I walked into the workshop, I notice somebody trying to hide behind a storage barrel. I told them to come out. They said that they was just looking for something. But why were they wearing a black balaclava then? Weird! I told him/her to take the balaclava off and to my surprise it was a women. She gave me this bullshit story about looking for a ring she has lost.

What a load of bullshit I told her. I gave her a pat down and she could fell my bulging cock under my trousers. She was very impressed with what she could feel and asked me if she could have a ride on it. I’m not one to refuse such and offer, especially from women with fucking great tits and arse.

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