Fake Cop Policeman Escorts Aaliyah Ca Pelle Home for Sex

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Uh oh, just my luck when I was on the prowl downtown when a gorgeous blonde Aaliyah Ca Pelle ran up to me with some actual police work for me to do! She wanted me to chase down these purse-snatchers, but all I could do was notice what a smokin’ hot British Milf I had standing in front of me. I saw my chance to make sure she got safely in one piece, and for her own safety I offered to escort her back to her home. Once inside her apartment, turns out this babe was a real go-er, and wanted a sturdy bloke to warm her up after a chilly night out. We’d only just stepped into the lift when she whipped out my cock and started sucking on it, I filmed her giving me a blowjob right there in the mirror. She finished the job upstairs, then I buried my hard-on seep inside her tight pussy from behind, ramming it home until I left her with a little souvenir to remember me by all over her lips!

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