Fake Cop The Graveyard shift Anal sex with a Romanian Vampire

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The Graveyard Shift : Halloween anal sex special

Halloween is alway a good time to see dirty sluts dressed up in weird costumes and walking home late from parties. This Halloween I was taking a break in the local graveyard when I heard the unmistakable sound of high helped shoes walking along the path. To my delight these high heeled shoes belonged to a slutty looking women dressed as a slutty vampire. She even had the novelty contact eye lenses.

She was not very amused when I stopped her. She told me that she was walking home from a party and she could look after herself. But there was definitely something not quite right with her….then she started showing me her pussy and tits. I realised that she was just really horny. I did not need much persuading to take this horny vampire behind the church for some Halloween anal sex.

I fucked her hard against a church door and then cum over her face just as the church bells rang out for mid-night.

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