FakeTaxi Taxi drivier tries his beginners luck on hot blonde

It was time to chance my luck on the streets of London once again, and as I pulled up to my potential customer I could see that she had nearly fuck all on. She had long slim legs and her tits were sticking right out, but they did look good. I was aching to know if I could get this one in the sack, so just like always I came out with a simple do you fancy a fuck and I’ll give you a free ride. She didn’t seem to care about my no nonsense approach and then went on to tell me that this wasn’t the first time she’s been asked for a shag in the back of a cab.

This is not surprising really as I bet that dirty bastard John has shagged half of London over the years. Not that I care, I wasn’t exactly going to ask her for her hand in marriage, I just wanted to slip her one. She agreed and then off we went to a quiet spot for a bit of good old fashioned sex in the back. This could be the job for me for life, wish me luck

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