Film Class Coochie Xander Corvus & Romi Rain

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There's nothing like a teacher to bring in a porno to class!! I've seen it on the internet all the time. A teacher accidentally puts the wrong DVD or video tape into the player and the whole class watches porn. But in this Brazzers porno, Romi Rain has not put this porn on by mistake.

She tells her class that this porn is erotic art and the whole class has to watch it. Romi Rain really loves watching porn. As she sits in class watching her dirty video being played out the the class, she can feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She cannot resist the urge to slide he hand in to her moist panties and finger herself quietly at the back of the class.

But she does not realise that she is being watched by Xander Corvus. His cock reacts by getting stiff in his pants. there is no way he is going to be able to keep his cock in his pants. Romi Rain sees his bulging pants and makes him fuck her on he classroom desk as everybody else continuos to watch the porn on screen.

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