I’m So Tiny Will It Fit?

Im So Tiny Will It Fit
MOFOS I'm So Tiny Will It Fit. More tiny babes with small waists getting fucked by big cocks. MOFOS are really pushing the boat out with these porn ads. There seems to be a popular niche growing to see small women being fucked hard by guys with big cocks.

I think that this is a way of making rough sex looking a more fun and less like a male dominated niche. The female porn performers look to be really enjoying themselves in fun scripted scenes. The girls are there to show how much they can take a big cock in a tight pussy.

Even the title, "I'm So Tiny Will It Fit" is hinting towards that the title is being stated by the female rather than "I'll fuck your tight pussy hard" that would sound more male dominated.

These video clips are taken from MOFOS - Please Don't Break Me.

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