My wife has big boobs – Whats the problem?

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To be honest, I should of expected these problems when I first started dating her. If I noticed her big boobs, then I'm pretty sure other guys will also notice. For instance, simple things like walking around a super market with the wife, I'm continuously noticing other guys blatantly staring at her tits. Some of these guys are actually with their partners and still they have no hesitation in trying to look down my wife's top to catch a glimpse of her wonderful cleavage.

My wife's boobs

So I have now decided to try and get reactions from these guys when they see me noticing that they are looking at my wife's tits. What I do now is I stare right in their faces so when they look away from my wife's tits, they see me looking at them and making them aware that I know they were looking at her boobs. This has resulted in some quite funny reactions. Most guys just look away and pretend they did not notice my stare, but I really respect the guys who see me and then give either an apologetic nod. As if to say, "fair play, you caught me there". I also have a little giggle when some guys just give a nod of appreciation to the boobs. As if to say "you lucky bastard".

But who am I to complain. Like I said, I was quick to notice her big boobs and I should take the rough with the very smooth. I have occasionally posted a photo of her boobs (not nude) on twitter.

So if I get any comments about her tits, either good or bad, I only have myself to blame.

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