Scarlett Johansson Nearly Naked Ghost in a Shell

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Will this be one of the most freeze framed frame of the year? I've just seen the first glimpse of Ghost in a Shell starring Scarlett Johansson. I could not believe my she naked?? Sadly, no. But this trailer does do a fantastic job of making everyone sit up and pay attention to this fantastic Ghost in a Shell first trailer!

This must be the next porn parody in the making? What titles can we come up with? Porn Star in a Shell, Babe in a Shell, Tits in a Shell, Ass in a Shell, Cum in a Shell. I'm sure to the porn producers will think of something along those lines.

So of course, I've taken the best screen shot possible for a bit of extra search engine traffic. Will I watch this film? Probably, once it hits streaming TV.

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