SEO lesson learn’t the hard way

Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I should of known better. All the the SEO advice I had read over the past few years have all said not to create a network of blogs with the same content, but I got greedy. I thought I had found a formula to generate a lot of affiliate sign ups to various adult web sites, but I was wrong.

After I had one site doing really well with traffic and sign ups, I thought I would just replicate that using some other domain names that I had purchased in the past and then forgotten about. However, doing this has caused a massive reduction in my web traffic and sign ups!

I can't beleive I had been so stupid. Even as I was setting up the new blogs, I could here the SEO experts whispering in my ear... "Don't do will lose traffic, just stick to one site and make it better".

Connie from SexyHubSo know I need to rebuild my traffic back to October 2015 levels and just trust in what I know and researched.

Lesson learn't.

So know I've finished explaining about my cock-up, here's a pair of big boobs 😉 This is Connie - you can see plenty more of her at - you find some of the hottest Czech babes right there!

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