STFU My Wife’s Sleeping

stfu my wifes sleeping
S.T.F.U. My Wife's Sleeping is a video from RealityKings. The porn scenario is that a female burglar has broken in to a house. She get caught my the male owner of the house. Instead of calling the cops, he notices that this balaclava wearing burglar had a sexy body. He realised that this was a female burglar. He has not had sex with his wife for a long time. So he thought he could fuck this thieving little whore instead of calling the police.

She could not afford to go back to jail, so she let this guy fuck her hard and nasty to teach her a lesson that she will never forget in a hurry. He bends her over and pulls down her tight black legging to reveal a tight and tender arse. He fucks the shit out of her from behind. ALl the time he is telling her to SHUT THE FUCK UP MY WIFE'S SLEEPING.

But all the sexual noises they were creating had woke his wife up. Just as he cums over her tits, the wife finds out he has been fucking a burglar.

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