Fake Cop Copper Fucks Brittany Bardot in the Arse

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What’s an empty bus doing parked out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing near but empty trailers and kebab vans? The driver Brittany Bardot insisted everything was on the up and up, but wen I asked to see her ID, she turned on the charm and showed me her desk. Just as I suspected, the whole thing was kitted out as a residence, with a kitchen and sink and all! I’d already heard all the gossip about town, so there’s no way Brittany would convince me this wasn’t the rolling brothel all the men in town gushed about.

When we got to the bedrooms and Brittany realized she was caught red-handed, she made her move and unzipped my pants to see my cock as already rock hard and ready for her to gag on! Win/win scenario for us both when I fucked this Czech slut in the ass, I got anal sex with a Euro whore for free, and Brittany got to have a romp with a man in uniform!

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Fake Cop Policeman Escorts Aaliyah Ca Pelle Home for Sex

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Uh oh, just my luck when I was on the prowl downtown when a gorgeous blonde Aaliyah Ca Pelle ran up to me with some actual police work for me to do! She wanted me to chase down these purse-snatchers, but all I could do was notice what a smokin’ hot British Milf I had standing in front of me. I saw my chance to make sure she got safely in one piece, and for her own safety I offered to escort her back to her home. Once inside her apartment, turns out this babe was a real go-er, and wanted a sturdy bloke to warm her up after a chilly night out. We’d only just stepped into the lift when she whipped out my cock and started sucking on it, I filmed her giving me a blowjob right there in the mirror. She finished the job upstairs, then I buried my hard-on seep inside her tight pussy from behind, ramming it home until I left her with a little souvenir to remember me by all over her lips!

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