DigitalPlayground Surf Shop Slut Brad Hart & Hope Howell

surf shop slut digitalplayground
Brad Hart & Hope Howell

The Scene
When Brad gets stood up by his date, the local surf shop slut helps him make his date jealous. Hope Howell has got a perfect sexy surfers body.

Just imagine this hot surfer babe unzipping her wet suit and riding your cock.

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FemaleAgent Hot sexual chemistry during casting



This confident stud walked in and I fancied him instantly. He was exactly my type and he started joking and having a laugh from the moment he sat down. He had such a relaxed confident manner that I was dying to get to know him better. He was flirting with me outrageously and when I asked him why he didn’t have a girlfriend, the charmer replied with the answer that he would be sad if he did have one as he wouldn’t be able to ask me to go out. He began to tell me how he would take me to a wine cellar where we could both get drunk and enjoy ourselves.

I told him that I get horny when I drink wine and his interest piqued immediately. I walked over to him telling him that why should we wait for wine, and this casting was officially on. We had great sexual chemistry between us, clear in the way that we had got on so well and once we had our hands on each others bodies you could see the sexual sparks flying through the air. We fucked with joy and abandon in our hearts, not being able to get enough of each others passion as I sucked and fucked every inch of his cock. His stamina was impressive, I could tell it was taking all of his willpower not to release his salty soldiers.

The tight pussy always wins however against ball control, and after I was exhausted after several orgasms he pulled out and I wanked him until he spunked his load all over my stomach. What a fuck with an incredible stud who I would definitely like to see again.

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FemaleAgent Slim beauty gets first lesbian experience

This casting was almost a case of the one that got away. This gorgeous young woman walked into my office seeking work as a model. She was slim, beautiful and she had a pleasant demeanor. She had no experience and had been working in an office job since she left school. She wanted change and I wanted her pussy on the end of my tongue. After we had almost concluded the interview during which I had hinted that I would have lots of work for her, I then blurted out that I wanted to have sex with her right there and then in the office. She seemed slightly taken aback and she asked me if I was serious.

When I told her I really was she got all flustered. Then she politely declined, stood up and walked out of my office. I was disappointed, I had really fancied this sexy woman and I was dying to taste her sweet nectar. Rarely do the women I pursue resist my charms. When it almost seemed like I was going to have to let the cameraman lick my pussy so I could get some sexual satisfaction, there was a knock on the door. She had returned and she had thought about my offer and decided that she could not turn down this opportunity. Also she thought I was beautiful and she hadn’t realized how attracted she was to me.

he was a little bit nervous as she had never been with another woman before. I told her not to be and I strode over to where she sat and we were soon locked in a passionate embrace. What followed was an amazing, sexually charged casting where I showed her exactly how to pleasure a woman and how to let a woman pleasure her.

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FakeAgent Blonde with amazing natural tits fucks for a job

Rosella is a beautiful blonde babe with amazing natural tits. She’s been living in Italy for a long time and she has a very sexy accent. She recently moved to Prague with her family and really needs to start earning money and find work… She came to our agency looking for modelling work and I told her with her looks and body she could earn a lot of money in the adult industry.

She seemed a bit surprised at first but when she heard about the money she could make she was willing to give it a shot…. She did a fantastic job in the interview and I finished off by spunking over her sweet body!

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My wife has big boobs – Whats the problem?

To be honest, I should of expected these problems when I first started dating her. If I noticed her big boobs, then I'm pretty sure other guys will also notice. For instance, simple things like walking around a super market with the wife, I'm continuously noticing other guys blatantly staring at her tits. Some of these guys are actually with their partners and still they have no hesitation in trying to look down my wife's top to catch a glimpse of her wonderful cleavage.

My wife's boobs

So I have now decided to try and get reactions from these guys when they see me noticing that they are looking at my wife's tits. What I do now is I stare right in their faces so when they look away from my wife's tits, they see me looking at them and making them aware that I know they were looking at her boobs. This has resulted in some quite funny reactions. Most guys just look away and pretend they did not notice my stare, but I really respect the guys who see me and then give either an apologetic nod. As if to say, "fair play, you caught me there". I also have a little giggle when some guys just give a nod of appreciation to the boobs. As if to say "you lucky bastard".

But who am I to complain. Like I said, I was quick to notice her big boobs and I should take the rough with the very smooth. I have occasionally posted a photo of her boobs (not nude) on twitter.

So if I get any comments about her tits, either good or bad, I only have myself to blame.

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