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For a chick who said she was shy, Miky Love sure was willing to talk business with a strange man who started chatting her up on the street. After I noticed her wandering around looking lost, I made my move and asked if she was all right. Miky said her boyfriend was on the way, so I moved fast, and ran through my best pitch about modeling gigs. Being a tall Czech babe with smoky eyes and a fit body, Miky had everything my clients could ever want, and I told her just that.

At first, Miky didn't seem interested in the opportunity, but the thought of picking up a few extra bucks on the side to buy purses and shoes and fancy trips changed her mind, and she jumped in my car to drive out for an impromptu "amateur audition". While I drove, Miky's shyness melted away, and she started rubbing the bulge in my pants, then leaned all the way over to give me roadhead.

We pulled over in a quiet spot where I handed over a thick pile of cash for the privilege of boning this brunette beauty, and fucked the hell out of her in this hot cheating girlfriend sex tape!

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PublicAgent Big Tits Student Sucks And Fucks For Cash In The Forest

Short, thick, and curvy, Sandy Blue caught my imagination as soon as I saw her walking down the path by the woods. When I went in to chat with her, Sandy told me she was a student with some trouble making ends meet. Since Sandy was eager to get some cold hard cash, I started peeling off bills and offered her cash to pull down her top and flash me some public nudity. Sandy whipped out the most beautiful natural tits I've ever seen, and let me squeeze them.

When Sandy saw how flashing me her bare ass and pussy made my cock so hard, she reached out and grabbed my boner. For all the cash in my pocket, Sandy was willing to drop to her knees and swallow my cock, and she amazed me by pushing her lips down to the base of the shaft! After showing me what an expert deepthroat blowjob she could give, Sandy bent over so I could fuck her bald pussy every which way until she was begging me to shoot my fat load on her ass!

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PublicAgent Blonde Fucked In A Car

Taking a stroll in a park can be very pleasant. But it somehow brings it to another level when you see a beautiful lady! I had to stop her and have a chat! I only asked her for a few minutes of her time but we got talking and it turned out she was really keen on breaking in to the film industry. I had told her about this job I was assigned to get models for. She seemed really intrigued by it! I told her though she would have to be comfortable with nudity (she seemed very non-plussed by it!) I gave her a wad of cash just to let her know I was serious…if she showed me her tits and ass. So we found a nice little secluded spot and I handed her the money

She whipped up her top and pulled down her pants! Wow! What a body! I could feel my dick getting harder! I showed her a BIG load of cash if she gave me blowjob. She thought about it but then couldn’t resist it! We drove off to a hidden spot where she took out my dick and started sucking. Oh my God this was amazing! I wanted more though, I gave her even more money to fuck me right there and then in the car. She got on top and gently slipped my cock in to her pussy! We fucked in as many positions as we could in the car before I emptied my load all over her ass!

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PublicAgent Short Hair Babe Fucked From Behind

I was just about to catch the tram when I this short haired beauty walking by after she’d just got off. She looked like she had a hot figure underneath her coat! I asked her if she’d ever consider doing any modelling. She confessed that she hadn’t ever really thought about it (which stopped me in my tracks!) I wanted to see that body though and I had one thing in my pocket I know she would be able to resist…cold hard cash! When I flashed her the money, her eyes lit up! She do a lot for the amount I had. I convinced her to take me back to her apartment where we could find something fun to do (and by fun she knew I wanted to have sex with her!)

We went back, she hung up her coat, took the money and began sucking my dick! She really knew what she was doing! She pulled down her trousers to reveal her sexy black panties, which I duly pulled down and put my cock deep inside her pussy from behind! I wanted to fuck her all over the apartment! We went on the floor where she rode on top of me, working my cock like a pro! I kept glancing over to the mirror where I could watch me fucking her! I finished by cumming all over her sweet, perfect ass!

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PublicAgent Hot Easter Bunny Girl Fucked Outside

It’s Easter time and the Easter Bunny is in town! I spotted a sexy little woman walking along my street wearing novelty bunny ears and a bunny girl outfit. My perfect fantasy! I had to run to catch up with her. She told me that she was on her way to an Easter party with some of her girlfriends. I told her some bullshit that I was part of a film production crew looking for women to appear as extras in a new high budget film. She was going to be a hard bunny to crack. It took me a lot of cash just to let me see her full bunny girl outfit, but it was worth every penny. When I offered her a lot more cash to have sex with me, to my amazement she agreed more or less straight away.

I think she just loved cock. I took her to a little place I know which over looked the motorway and I fucked her hard as I watch the traffic go by. Happy fucking Easter!

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PublicAgent Gullible Ginger Fucked Over A Car

This hot redhead with an amazing body, accepted my story about being a TV producer. I told her that we were in the middle of filming a new American TV series and I needed some good looking extras. I told her that her body would be perfect. She was a little put off when I told her that she would be naked in some scenes, but when I offered her a lot of cash to show me her body, her mood changed. I found a derelict build where she exposed her tits to me. They were nice and natural. I could feel my cock urging me to offer her more cash to let me inside her pussy. So I emptied my pocket of cash and spunked all over her pussy.

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PublicAgent Innocent Teen Bends Over For Cash

This sexy teen had a beautiful smile. She blushed every time I told her that she was beautiful. I told her that she could earn a lot of money as a model. She was very tall, but she was very she. In fact it took me a very long time to convince her that she should come with me and show me her tits. It took time and a lot of money. However, once the deal was done, she showed me her tits and ass. I then had to convince her that being unfaithful to her boyfriend wasn’t the end of the world. Money money left my wallet and in to her hands before I got the chance to bend her over and fuck her tight teen pussy.

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PublicAgent Perfect Body Double Gets Spunked On

Today I am trying a new story. This sexy brunette was just walking in the park next to a train line, just minding her own business. I approached her and told her that I was a model agent looking for a body double. I told her that our actress in a major new American TV series needed to have a body double because she did not want to be naked on screen. I told this sexy brunette that I thought her body was similar and she could make a lot of money just showing her body. After some tough negotiations, I took her in to the woods where she could show me her tits and ass to make sure that her tits and ass were the same as our actress.

Her tits and ass were perfect. So firm. I could not resist opening my wallet gain and paying her a lot of cash to let me fuck her there and then in the woods.

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PublicAgent Park Bench Sex With Big Boobs

If you like big boobed blonde women, then I have a special treat for you. I was just on my way home but as I got near my apartment, I spotted a beautiful blonde woman walking across my path. Even though she had a big coat on, I could not help noticing her big chest. I quickly put my thinking hat on and I came up with a story. I approached her and told her that I was looking for hot women to be in a new American series on TV. I told her that she would be perfect for this series. I wasted no time in showing off my cash to get her to show me her tits and ass. I told her that I just needed to be sure that her body is the kind of body that I wanted. But I wanted more from this hot blonde with huge boobs.

I just had to get my hands on her tits and my cock in her pussy. I offered her a cash amount that she could not refuse and I took her to a park and bent her over a public bench and fucked her wet pussy.

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PublicAgent Skinny Blonde Fucked Outside

I saw this hot woman sitting nearby as I was taking a stroll so I thought I’d go and talk to her. She was immediately taken aback by me, “You again?” she asked. I asked her what she meant, I’d never seen her before in my life! Turns out, she thought I was somebody completely different who had filmed her fucking him! I told her I was running an agency and looking for models for our new fashion brand. Initially, she was quite suspicious but eventually she came round and decided she’d like to give modelling a go. So we found a secluded spot where she could show me her figure for a bit of cash. She had a great ass and an incredible figure.

I got another wad of cash out of my pocket and asked her if she would fuck me right there and then. She couldn’t take her eyes off the money! She took it from me, got down on her knees and started sucking my cock! She was absolutely loving it! I really wanted my dick in her warm, wet pussy! She got up and I pulled down her skimpy panties and started fucking her hard from behind. I let her get on top of me and got a great view of her pussy sliding up and down my hard cock! I sealed the deal by emptying my load in her mouth!

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