Brazzers Hitching For A Dicking Jordi El Niño Polla & Ava Austen

Cock-loving MILF Ava Austen is taking a cross-country road trip in search of big dicks to put inside her body. During her drive she happens to come across hitchhiker Jordi. After sussing out that her shy passenger is equipped with an impressive package, Ava pulls over and treats herself to a firm healthy fucking.

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Road Head Bill Bailey, Jessy Jones & Keisha Grey

Porn fans favourite Keisha Grey has her pussy filled by two big dicks in this outdoor threesome called Road Head from Brazzers.

Keisha Grey is a horny slut who goes for a ride with her boyfriend, Jessy Jones, in his new car. Keisha can’t help but feel like getting a little naughty while they’re cruising, so she decides to give him some road head. Unluckily for this young couple, they’re pulled over to the side of the road by a traffic cop. Officer Bill Bailey takes a fancy to the luscious Ms. Grey! Can Keisha help Jessy out of a ticket by taking some cock from the copper?

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Kylie Quinn – Stranded Teens

All-Natural Teen's Juicy Pink Peach - Kylie Quinn - Stranded Teens
Kylie Quinn isn't fake like those dancers in the videos. She's all-natural and just as sexy. To prove it she strips down in the back of her driver's car, and has her tight teen pussy plowed while a random dude films from the passenger seat.

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FakeTaxi Nathaly Big Tits and Great Curvy Body

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Normally I wouldn't pry when I pick a passenger at the doctor's office, but when Nathaly Cherie jumped in my cab, I was willing to try anything to make conversation. Nathaly was a bit shy about answering my questions, but I was thrilled to see her modesty didn't carry over to undoing her bra and flashing me her huge fake boobs. You could see Nathaly's eyes light up when I told her watching her big melons bounce as I hit bumps in the road got my cock so hard, she licked her lips and leaned forward to see more.

After I whipped it out, Nathaly grabbed it by the base and started jacking my cock, dirty talking in my ear about how bad she thought I was being for cheating on my wife. Nailing Nathaly in the back seat of my taxi brought Nathaly's infidelity sex fantasy to life, and I pounded her pussy raw, before blowing a fat load of spunk on her tongue.

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Ride U Barbara Bieber & Martin Gun

As a new female chauffeur, Barbara Bieber is quite new to the whole driver and customer experience. She takes pride in her service and when she notices that her latest passenger looks a little more than hot and flustered, she decides to try and put him at ease in the only way she knows.

This guy is on his way to a meeting and is so nervous, he barely knows what time of day it is. Barbara Bieber places her hand on his cock to try and calm him down. This is the best thing that could of happened to him. A slow wank in the car on the way to a meeting would keep him relaxed. But Barbara is not satisfied with just a hand-job, when she see's the size of his fat cock, she pulls over to give him the ride of his life.

But when another guy is also in need of a ride to the dame meting, he jumps in the car and is treated to a sex show he will never forget.

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FakeTaxi Victoria Daniels take on a big cock

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I picked up a cute student Victoria Daniels in my taxi, and she turned out to be as smart as she was sexy! She noticed the cameras right away, but she didn’t seem to mind them, and she saw right through my best tricks as I tried to sweet-talk my way into her pants. I appealed to her mindset as an Economics Major by offering a free ride if she’d only show me her her natural tits. When she went to undo her seatbelt, she was stuck stuck and I had to go back there and fiddle her loose! Victoria slid her panties off and let me sniff them, then flashed her shaved pussy and invited me to lick it. You can bet I ate her out with my best moves, then Victoria swallowed up my cock while jacking me off with two hands. By the time I was done pounding this horny student in my cab, she’d learned the value of taking risks with handsome strangers!

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Carmel Anderson being fucked hard by a British policeman

Carmel Anderson is one of the most up and coming British porn stars working today. Her petite body, pretty face and fuck em attitude is making her move up the porn star ranks. In this awesome FakeCop video, you get to see Carmel Anderson’s hot body in her gym kit. You can see why top porn producers are trying to get her in their porn videos right now. Her versatility is landing her more and more diverse porn roles. She may be a British chav in one scene and then a hot waitress int he next. There is no stopping this hot British chick.

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FemaleFakeTaxi Elicia Solis takes a facial from football fan

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Imagine catching a taxi to go and meet up with your mates on the way to a football match, and the taxi driver is a stunning blonde! Now imagine that this stunning blonde taxi driver was actually Elicia Solis. Go one step further and imagine that she was horny and desperate for a fuck! It sounds like the perfect wet dream! Well this happened to this lucky football fan. He has already fucked Rebecca More in the back of her taxi, and now he gets the chance to fuck her colleague Elicia Solis.
Watch Elicia Solis ride his cock hard and then take a facial all over her pretty face.

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FemaleFakeTaxi Redhead Fingerfucked By Cabbie

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FemaleFakeTaxi Redhead Fingerfucked By Cabbie
I picked up a live one today, a hot redhead named Roxi who was dressed far too sexy for me to just drive on by without picking her up. The moment she got in the cab, I could see her knickers, which gave me the idea to make my best offer: eat my pussy for a free ride! Roxi thought for sure I was playing a prank, but I’d never fuck around when it comes to getting my pussy licked by a girl as gorgeous and sexy as Roxi. After parking in my favorite spot, I joined her in back and got my mouth on her big round tits, then I pulled her thong down so I could bury my face in her peachy bum and give her holes a little lick. Roxi sat her big ass right down on my face while I wanked my pussy, and the fun didn’t stop until we’d both fucked our fill!

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FemaleFakeTaxi Ava Austen and Beth Bennett lesbian sex video

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Ava Austen and Beth Bennett Female FakeTaxi video.
Just on another drive around the neighbourhood, looking for a fare to brighten up my day! It was a nice, sunny day as well! Very rare in the UK! Anyway, someone was waving me down along a route I regularly drive down. A hot, young blonde! Just my type! The more I glanced at her in the back though, the more I thought I recognised her! I thought I’d take a stab at it. “Is your name Beth?” I asked. “Yes…Do we know each other?” she replied. I didn’t know her specifically but I knew Tony and she claimed to only know Tony a little, friend of a friend, that sort of thing. But I knew she knew my mate Steve and he had shown me some raunchy, filthy photos of her cheating on her boyfriend with his brother!

I couldn’t believe my luck! I told her if she wanted me to keep my mouth shut, she’d have to do something for me. I told her I liked girls and it turns out she was well up for it anyway! We found a quiet spot, I got in the back and got her big tits out and started sucking on them! I started taking her clothes off, bit by bit. When I got them all off, I opened her legs as wide as they would go and started licking her perfect, tight pussy! I loved the taste! Shame for her to have all the fun though! I took off my top and trousers and bent over in to the front of the cab so she could bury her head in my pussy! She started sticking her fingers in, one at a time!

We continued to lick each others pussies in as many different positions as we could think of! We finished by grinding our pussies against each other, both of us having an orgasm at the same time! Now, I have to get back to work and find another fare!

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