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Rule one: don't watch porn at work, unless you want to risk IT knowing all about your dirty kinks and fetishes. Lucky for me, there was a computer whiz in my waiting room who was able to give me a helping hand. Amy sat down at my desk and downloaded the right antivirus, and within minutes everything was fine and I was able to address Amy's reason for coming in the first place.

Since she's been my patient for years, Amy was more comfortable with me than a gynecologist, and asked me to check out some discomfort that a session of rough anal sex with a foreign had left her anus. I asked her to pull down her panties and bend over my examining table, while I got right in her ass cheeks with my POV camera to examine the soft pink skin of her butthole.

The feel of my hands on her big round booty must have made her horny, as as soon as I was done prescribing her a cream, Amy made her move and kissed me. I fingerfucked Amy until she squirted all over my desk, then watched the pussy juice drip down her thick ass as I pounded her with my rock hard cock!

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Blind Experiment 2 Charles Dera & Cherie Deville

Cherie isn't sure what's going to happen at the doctor's office today, all she knows is she's supposed to get naked and wait for the doctor. She's might be nervous, but she's in good hands with Dr. Dera!

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Dick Reduction Kelsi Monroe & Sean Lawless

What a dilemma! Would you have a penis reduction if your sexy girlfriend could not fuck you because your cock was so big? This was the dilemma plaguing Sean Lawless. He really love is cute girlfriend, but every time they try to have sex, he tight pussy cannot cope with its girth or length! So Sean agrees to go to the clinic to enquire about having a penis reduction.

Nurse Kelsi Monroe is on hand to give advise about this problem. At first she tries to explain that maybe his girlfriend needs to relax a little more during sex and that her pussy will eventually open up to his big cock.

Kelsi Monroe asks Sean if she can see his cock to see whether a cock reduction is required. As soon as she see his impressive penis, she cannot take her eyes off it. Slowly but surely Sean Lawless released that this sex nurse wanted to find out if it would fit in her pussy. Kelsi had no problem fitting his cock into her mouth, but would it fit in her pussy?

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FakeHospital Doctor Creampies Sexy New Nurse

I called my new nurse Evelline Dellai into my office to deal with her bad behavior today, and confronted her with evidence from our office cameras of her carrying on like a raging slut on the job. But I couldn’t help noticing what a good time the guy in the footage was having, getting his dick wet with such a top-notch lay. When Evelline tried to seduce her way out of our discussion, I jumped at the chance to try her out myself. Evelline lifted her scrubs to show me the stockings and garters she was wearing on her tight body, and immediately dropped to her knees to suck my cock. After I pounded this hot brunette hard and raw on every surface in my office, I left her lying on my desk with a big fat creampie dripping out of her pussy!

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FakeHospital Short Haired Hottie Seduces Doctor

When Sasha Zima pulled a muscle in her groin, she went straight to the sports rehab clinic to get her body checked out. But she never expected to find the doctor so handsome, or to melt under his touch when he told her to strip out of her clothing and lie down on his examining table. The moment she felt the doctor’s sensitive hands on her inner thigh, Sasha’s pussy got so wet it soaked through her panties. Finally, Sasha made her move and kissed him on the mouth, then lay back so he could lick her clit. After the Doc had bent her over his desk and pounded her tight pussy as hard and raw as she likes it, you can be sure Sasha made an appointment for another round!

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FakeHospital Sexy Holiday Maker Strikes A Sexual Deal

I had a beautiful blonde holiday maker come to see me earlier today. She had been stung by what she thought was a bee, which had left 2 nasty stings on her arm. No big deal, but she didn’t bother to take out any travel insurance, so technically I couldn’t treat her for free. The pretty blonde then asked if we could come to an arrangement, a sexual arrangement where we could waiver any fee’s. How could I turn this down? Well, I couldn’t and didn’t. I thought it best to check her entire body for any more stings, which of course meant stripping off all her clothes. Once stripped she went straight for my cock and started sucking it on the bench.

It wasn’t long before my tongue had sampled her pussy and ass, then I set my cock to purpose in her tight wet hole. This was one patient I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. I wonder what my next patient will be like?

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FakeHospital Cock Therapy Helps Sensitive Pussy

I had a couple of patients left for the afternoon, but it was winding down the for the day, or so I thought. A young and pretty brunette came to see me for quite an odd problem. She told me that her tits and pussy were too sensitive. I tried to recommend her to a colleague of mine who might be better suited to look at the issue, though she was determined for me to take a look. So I did, and yes she was sensitive. Only a light brushing of my fingers through her thick dark bush of a pussy starting sending her wild. She then went on to say that her friend recommended her to me and that she wanted a special treatment.

Now the penny had dropped, I now fully understood what she wanted from our appointment. It didn’t take me long to get her sensitive pussy soaking wet, and minutes later she was holding her own mouth to dampen the screams of ecstasy as I pounded her thatched snatch. She must have orgasmed several times during our appointment. I hope she makes a re-appointment soon for another therapy session.

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FakeHospital American Doctor Fucks Sexy Nurse

I was running late as usual, but the doctor doesn’t normally mind as we have an understanding. So, it was with shock when I entered the doctors office to find a tall American sitting behind his desk looking angry and frustrated. It seems he was helping the good doctor out by taking care of some of his patients for the day and he was not happy that I was running late. When I explained I didn’t speak very good English, he seemed so angry I thought he would fire me on the spot. Then I noticed how hungrily his eyes were taking in my figure and his American accent was really turning me on. He made the first move however, pulling me out of my chair and over to the examining table where he began to undress me.

This doctor knew what he wanted and I was so horny that I almost came immediately when his tongue touched my wet pussy. He was very dominating also and I loved being taken control of as he fucked me in lots of positions, making me cum again and again. There must have been a queue of patients building up in the waiting room as he fucked me for ages before finally shooting his spunk prescription all over my face. An unexpected but amazing start to work for the day, I can only hope that this new doctor sticks around for a while so he can fuck me anytime he wants.

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FakeHospital Stud Cums All Over Nurses Stomach

The doctor was on his lunch break and I was covering for him in the office when a drop dead gorgeous patient arrived. This sexy stud wanted some cream to help with an acne problem that was flaring up on his skin. I got him to remove his top so I could inspect him and I could feel my pussy tingle as he revealed an amazing figure, it was like he was chiseled from rock. I wrote him a prescription for some cream and tucked it into his pocket, my hand brushing his rock hard cock as I did so. It was clear to us both now that we fancied each other and it wasn’t long before his hand was down my panties and his mouth was sucking on my tits. This guys body was so delicious that I was soaking wet with desire and I had to have his cock soon. I got on my knees and drew him into my wet mouth, filling it with every inch of his long cock. He then took me over on the examining table and licked my pussy expertly.

I was soaking wet and ready to be fucked and he slid his long cock deep inside me, much to my delight. I was loving being fucked by this stud as he powered into me, making my tits bounce and stretching my tight pussy open. But, alas, I was also aware that we didn’t have much time, so after my own orgasm had rocked my body I told him to cum on my pussy. With some frantic thrusting he pulled out and shot a thick rope of cum all over my stomach. What an amazing start to another day of work.

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FakeHospital Doctor Is Up For A Sexy Threesome

I had been enjoying an amazing sex session with my patient who was straddled over my face having the most amazing orgasm when the doctor burst into the room. He seemed a little upset at first as there were patients waiting to be seen outside, but I knew how horny and frustrated he must be as we never got to finish what we started earlier. My patient was also wet, wild and willing and we were soon both kneeling in front of the good doctor, sucking his cock and playing with his balls. All the doctors worries seemed to fade away as two beautiful women worshipped his cock.

What followed was an intense threesome where the doctor fucked us both in a lot of positions all over his office. It was hot and heavy stuff as the doctor used all of his sexual skills to make us both cum several times. We were having such an amazing time, but I think the doctor was conscious that he had patients waiting, so after a fantastic threesome he powered into the patient, building his balls up before pulling out and letting thick ropes of cum fly from his engorged helmet. It was time to get dressed and get cleaned up, we are trying to run a successful clinic here after all.

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