FakeHospital Sexy Horny Nurse Seduces Patient

The doctor had been going through some personal problems, so I told him I would take a lot of his work for the day. He came in to thank me and he looked very upset. I tried to comfort him and before I knew it we were locked in a deep embrace. The doctor always knows how to turn me on and my panties were instantly soaked as I got on my knees and drew his cock into my mouth. We were both so turned on that he pulled me up and bent me over the examining table and slid his cock deep inside me.

We hadn’t been fucking for long when there came a knock on the door which stopped us in our throes of passion. It was my next patient that we had forgotten all about. We got dressed quickly and the good doctor ushered her in. This beautiful woman walked in complaining of bad back, but all I could think about was how frustrated and horny I was feeling. I needed satisfaction and this beautiful patient of mine was going to have to be the one to give it to me.

I got her on the examining table and began my seduction. I caressed her body gently and I could tell she was getting turned on also. She was soon naked on the table and I had my fingers sunk deep into her tight, wet pussy. We made love to each other in a variety of positions and I made her cum several times with my sexual skills. But, the whole time all I could think of really was the doctors cock. When he burst in to ask us what we thought we were doing, I wasted no time in getting on my knees and turning this healing session into a threesome.

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