Special Assistant To Ms. Carter Charles Dera & Cali Carter

Cali Carter has a new job working for her dad. She is a spoilt little rich kid and everyone in the company knows that she doesn't deserve to have the job. She only has the job because her dad is he boss. Cali works along side Charle Dera and she makes his life hell. She has no intension in actually doing any work at al.

In this Brazzers video called Special Assistant To Ms. Carter, she makes Dera do everything. Cali not only makes Charles do all the paperwork and running around, she also makes him rub her feet, do her laundry and also lick her pussy when she wants oral sex. Cali Carter never let's Charles Dera fuck her. She makes his cock hard and then tells him to fuck off.

So one day Charles threatens to tell her dad that she has not been doing any work all the time she is there. Cali cannot afford for her dad to get pissed off otherwise she would not have the free use of his credit card. No Cali has no choice but to open up her legs and let Charles Dera insert is impressive erection into her pussy. Charles Dera makes the most of fucking this blonde office slut and fucks her over the desk. She has never been fucked so hard in her life!

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