He Says, She Fucks Danny D & Dani Daniels

Danny D has been invited over to his friend’s house to watch the big game. Only, his friend’s wife, Dani Daniels, has been accused of flirting with another man and her husband won’t let up. Dani denies this, but soon Mr. D finds himself caught in a marital dispute. Luckily for Danny, the husband asks him to talk some sense into Ms. Daniels, who wants to prove her foolish husband right--by seducing his best friend to fuck her pussy hard!

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Let’s Get Facials 2 Nikki Benz, Charles Dera, Keiran Lee & Dani Daniels

OMG ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on this Brazzers foursome. It has today's best porn stars all in one video. Nikki Benz, Charles Dera, Keiran Lee & Dani Daniels all performing together in Let's Get Facials 2.

Nikki Benz and Dani Daniels book themselves a day at a new spa. They really enjoy treating themselves every now and then. They both have much older husbands who they married because they were rich. Dani and Nikki are your typical Hollywood gold diggers. But the downside to having rich older husbands is that the sex is terrible. So when they both realise that the two male masseuses had started to put their hands were they shouldn't be going, they both decided to see how this plays out.

These tow gold digging wives were in for a special treat. Charles Dear and Keiran Lee are both expert male fucking machines. They both have big cocks and plenty of stamina to share around. There will be no premature ejaculation here. Charles and Keiran will fuck Nikki Benz and Dani Daniels until they have multiple orgasms on the massage table.

So as foursome porn videosgo, this is one not to be missed. Nikki Benz and Dani Daniels are two hot porn stars who really know how to work that camera.

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Day With A Pornstar: Dani Dani Daniels & Jessy Jones

Top porn star Dani Daniels invites you to spend a day with her. Follow Dani Daniels and she plans her day out on the golfing range. Can she go a whole day without taking a cock in her sweet pussy. I don't think so. this is A Day with a Porn Star with Dani Daniels. Anything she does will be captured on camera. So you get to see her getting dressed and undressed of course.

Will there be any sex involved....probably 😉

In this episode of Day With A Pornstar, hot-body Dani Daniels spends the afternoon on the golf course, putting around with Jessy Jones. Naturally a game based on putting something hard in a hole leads these two horn dogs to plot a ferocious post game fuck session!

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ZZ Lemonade: Dani Daniels Dani Daniels & Jessy Jones

The legendary Brazzers Lemonade stand is back for the summer. What is the ZZ lemonade stand I hear you call. Well its a lemonade stand where Dani Daniels is serving up some of the finest lemonade you have ever tasted. The service you will get is the sexiest service you have ever known. Dani Daniels is wearing just a tiny yellow bikini and keeping the customers satisfied with her sexy smile and glorious tits.

One customer in particular (Jessy Jones) gets more than just a glass of cool refreshing lemonade. He gets to fuck her from behind while she is still working the booth. He has to fuck her while she is still serving up that lemonade to her thirsty customers. Watch Dani Daniel's face as she tries not to cum in front of everybody. They can see her tits jiggling as Jessy fucks her tight cunt hole.

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Oiled Up Babes Dani Daniels & Valentina Nappi

Dani Daniels, Valentina Nappi and a buttload of oil. Need we say more? Watch these two amazing porn stars getting their hot bodies covered in oil for some erotic slippery lesbian sex. These hot babes love getting their pussies stuffed with all kinds of sex toys. They take it in turns to make each other cum with dildos, vibrators and tongues.

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Three Fingers Deep, Doc Dani Daniels & Phoenix Marie

Whenever Phoenix Marie goes to the doctor’s office she expects nothing less than a thorough examination, so when shy young doctor Dani Daniels offers Phoenix a check-up, Phoenix is quick to take control of the process. You see, Phoenix demands that her doctors pay special attention to her fat tits and wet pussy, and if that means Dr. Daniels having to go three fingers deep, then you can bet your bottom dollar that’s what Dr. Daniels is going to do.

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Handcuffed Housewife Dani Daniels & Prince Yashua

Dani Daniels married her husband for two reasons: money and kinky sex. She loves being handcuffed to the bed almost as much as she loves her husband’s money. So when the feds bust her beloved for insider trading, she gets righteously pissed off. Agent Prince is more than happy to help the handcuffed housewife teach her lying husband a lesson. He fingers and licks her pretty pussy while her husband looks on helplessly. Dani’s husband is about to watch his wife get fucked by the long dick of the law.


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