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My cock stiffened in my doctors uniform trousers when the gorgeous Morgan walked into my office declaring that she was eighteen and needed a basic health examination. She was absolutely beautiful with a pleasant manner and a smile that made my pants tight. I wasted no time in getting her to strip down to her underwear and lay on the examining table. We were making small talk and she told me that she had recently split with her boyfriend and she was feeling sad and alone. Then she said the magic words that I wanted to hear, she confessed to having a weakness for older men. She began to stroke my arm softly and this was a no brainer for me, I mean no one turns down a hot eighteen year old who is throwing herself at them.

We were soon locked in a kiss as I slid my hand into her panties. Her pussy was wet with desire already and it was making my balls tighten thinking of what that moist, hot pussy would feel like wrapped around my cock. This basic examination was turning into a full blown fuck fest and I fucked this hot woman with everything I had. Her body was exquisite and I pounded her hard and fast in several positions, trying to show her why older men were best. She orgasmed several times and her pussy was tighter then an arm wrestlers grip. How I managed to hold off for so long I’ll never know, but after furious and passionate fucking she whispered to me that she wanted me to cum inside her.

I certainly was not going to refuse this beautiful woman a creampie prescription from her doctor and I unloaded both balls deep into her tight, wet pussy. It felt so good I could have stayed there for hours, but I had a busy day to get on with. I pulled my cock out slowly which was followed by a big internal cumshot that slid out of her pussy and dripped onto the floor.

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I’ve had some strange cases come through my door since I’ve been working here at the hospital, but this was definitely one of the strangest. A very sexy young woman comes in and tells me that she would like to have a female circumcision performed on her as she thought it would make her African boyfriend happy. There was nothing medically wrong with her, she just wanted to please her boyfriend as it was a cultural thing in his country. I had to talk this young lady out of this and luckily I knew exactly how to make her change her mind. After a brief examination I got her naked on the examining table as I said I would have to inspect her vagina.

Once I had her on the table I spread her pussy lips and caressed her clitoris with my fingers. I told her that if she went ahead with such an operation then she would more then likely lose the sexual sensation of her clitoris. She was breathing heavily now and her pussy was wet with excitement. I had her all turned on and there was no way she was going to go ahead with the operation now.

I decided to show her exactly what she would be missing and we fucked in various positions all over my office. She had an amazing body with a fantastic pair of breasts and her pussy gripped my cock like a vice. I held out as long as I could, confident she had cum several times and then I fucked her doggystyle before pulling out and shooting my man jam all over her pale, gorgeous ass.

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Dirty doctor Romi Rain loves taking a hands-on approach with all her male patients. Today she’s teaching hung stud Mick Blue how to last longer in bed. She gives the patient an oily hand job and lets him fuck her throat, but he’s not allowed to cum until she says so. Her big tits and nasty dirty talking make it hard not to blast her face with a big load, but Mick does just as his doctor orders. Pleased with his progress, she lets him fuck her hard and fast, but eventually she’s too hot for Mick to handle. Romi scolds him for cumming on her ass, letting him know they still have a lot of work to do.

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