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I’d had a heavy weekend on the booze, and wasn’t looking forward to Monday morning at all. That all changed when a seriously hot Romanian chick got in my cab. I played the old – get your tits out for a free ride line and it worked! First she got her bra out for show, then her tits out. I knew with a bit of persuasion I could get her to do more.

A little sweet talking later and we’d driven to a little quiet spot and I was sucking on those big euro tits, fingering her snatch, and then fucking quite possibly the sweetest shaven pussy I’d had for a long time. I held off cumming as long as I could, but after fucking her from behind, her pussy had done me right in! I spun her around, and blew a tidal wave of spunk all over her face and tits.

I think I need to pick up a few more Romanians, as this one was a right belting shag.

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FakeTaxi Sexy Lottie Lovelace masseuse gets fucked on car bonnet

I was going about my normal day, but after a few long shifts it was taking it’s toll on my back. So much in fact that even though I had a hot passenger in the back, all I could think about was the pain. So I pulled over to stretch it out. As I was walking around the taxi like a right twat, she opened the door and said she was a masseuse, so I offered her a free ride if she could help me out.

What a result, not only am I going to get a massage but we all know what usually follows afterwards. As she was working my back my cock was rock hard, she said she could feel it rising through the seat.

She then offered to help me relieve my problem and I was only too happy to let her. I stripped off naked and she swallowed my cock like a lollipop. This was definitely the kind of massage I like to take.

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FakeTaxi Anna Joy getting fucked hard from behind by taxi driver

It’s no big secret that I am a big Anna Joy fan. I am always retweeting and favouriting her tweets on my twitter account. So I was delighted to hear that she would be appearing in the legendary FakeTaxi. This time with a sexy brunette look!

I noticed when I picked up my next customer that she seemed a bit distressed, so I asked what was troubling her. At first she didn’t want to talk about it, but then she told me that she was sleeping with her married boss from work. He had told her that he was going to leave his wife, but she’d just found out that they are actually having another baby together. This was one pissed off lady. I suggested that she should get her own back by making him jealous, show him what he was missing.

I suggested that we take some pictures of us together and send it to him. She agreed so I pulled over. It wasn’t long after her sucking my cock that I could tell I was going to get more, so I said let’s film it with the security camera. Once again she agreed and it was on. She had a lovely curvy body and a pretty face that made my cock rock hard. All I could think about was sticking my cock deep into her pussy and watch her eyes light up like a Christmas tree.

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I was in the mood for something different and someone answered my prays. This attractive lady was from Spain and although she could only speak a little English, I knew I still had a good chance of getting in her knickers. I got her to show me her big tits for a free cab ride and then quite easily she agreed for a quick fuck. Just as she said it I saw a car park and turned straight into it. This was gonna be my lucky day, I’ve not had a Spanish lady for a while and this was going be worth recording.

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