Sneaky Boy, Rebecca More and Ella Hughes

sneaky boy
You could hardly blame Sam for wondering what it's like going to bed with an experienced woman when he's got his girlfriend Ella Hughes's stepmother to drool over. When Ella dozed off on the sofa, Sam took his chance to creep over to the bathroom and spy on Rebecca's thick body as she stood naked by the bathtub.

After she caught Sam in the bathroom, Ella should have known better, but you can guess what happened when she left the two of them alone at the dinner table! Ella was furious when she returned to find Sam enjoying a proper blowjob under the table, but Rebecca set the record straight and told her to stop being such a shrew and join in! It's a miracle Sam didn't blow his load enjoying that double blowjob, as Rebecca gave Ella a lesson in deepthroating, and showed her how to swallow the whole length of his cock.

After the blowjob instruction, Ella and Rebecca took turns riding Sam's cock on the couch, fucking all day in a naughty threesome!

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