FakeHospital Nela Angel


As much as I tell my secretaries not to let any patients into my office when I'm not there, sometimes they slip by like Nela Angel did. I saw it all on my clinical-teaching cameras, how she fiddled with my papers and things to keep herself from getting bored. By the time I returned to my office, her idle hands had found my hand-massager and started using it like a vibrator at my desk.

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As shocked as she was to be caught in the act masturbating, Nela recovered quickly and started chatting with me about her medical needs. She was too horny to remember what brought her into the office, but she wanted some dick to soothe her raging lusts. Good thing my medical table is strong enough to handle mercilessly pounding hot Euro pussy like hers, because that's exactly what I did!

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FakeHospital Patient Has A Pussy Check Up

I almost got caught red-handed today when my patient barged in while I was surfing online porn and jerking it behind my desk. Things were still awkward when I let Lena in for her exam, and tried to guess what she’d seen! Since Lena had been operated on recently, she just wanted me to examine her body and see how well she was bouncing back. The fun started when it came time for me to to examine her breasts, so I stood behind her and reached around to grab big juicy handfuls of her tits. That got my cock as stiff as it was when she caught me jerking it. Lena got her hands on my rock hard cock, and before long we were having hot sex all over my office!

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FakeHospital Big Tits Babe Has A Back Problem

As soon as my patient today told me her problem was a persistent back-ache, I knew the problem could only be that her massive tits were throwing out her back. After a few more questions, I asked her to remove some clothing so I could check her spine, and she removed her bra and let her big boobs hang out. I offered her a back massage to ease the tension, and asked her to take off her dress and lay down on my table. As I rubbed oil into her skin, the soreness seemed to slip away, and Candy was so relieved, she reached out to the package bulging against my pants. She wanted to thank me for the care I had taken, Candy put her mouth on my boner, and then got on all fours so I could hump her all afternoon long on my examining table!

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FakeHospital Nurse Fucked Hard By Patient

My boyfriend is away at the moment working abroad. I was in the middle of taking a couple of saucy selfies to send him when a patient walked in without knocking! How rude! Being a consummate professional though, I ran back over my desk and saw to him immediately, even though he was here to see the doctor. We went over his problem, he was having bad back pain after an accident at work. I thought it would be best to take a closer look.

I went round to him and removed his shirt. He was covered in tattoos! I LOVE tattoos! It instantly remind me of all my past lovers, something I always look out for! Anyway, as I was rubbing him down, I was getting hornier and hornier! I started to kiss him gently, he didn’t quite know what to do! But I just showed him what would really make him forget about his back trouble…I whipped off my outfit, went down on my knees and started playing with then sucking his dick! Oh my God it was so amazing!

But I didn’t want him to have all the fun, I wanted him to lick my wet pussy! I got on the examination table and let him get to it! Not long after I was ready for him to fuck me! He got up and thrust his cock deep inside me! This guy had a lot of energy to burn! I got up, ran over to the desk and bent over. An invitation I know he won’t be able to resist! He fucked me so hard, pounding his dick in to my pussy! I even let him choose where he wanted to cum…

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FakeHospital Russian Babe Wants Doctors Cum

Sometimes as a Doctor you receive bizarre requests from patients. I had one today. I am not plastic surgeon, I take great pride in my work. I had a lovely woman walk in today who wanted to remove part of her pussy so it was a little smaller. All she wanted was a smaller pussy. Initially, I was reluctant. But I decided to have her take off her jeans and I removed her panties and inspected her pussy very thoroughly. It was important I made a good observation. I concluded it was in no way medically necessary and tried to get to the bottom of why she really came in.

I came right out with it, “You came here to fuck me, right?” I asked. She denied it. But I could see in her eyes she wanted me. I was the reason she came in. I had no patients scheduled so I took my chance. We kissed and then I could stop her going down on my cock! She wrapped her lips around my dick so quickly! Her pussy was so pretty, I wanted a taste of it! We 69’d on the bench so she could get another taste of my cock as I tasted her beautiful pussy! I got her up, carried her over to my desk and fucked her hard, her tits wobbling all over the place! We fucked and fucked all over the room before I came all over her ass!

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FakeHospital Doctor Fucks His Ex Girlfriend

We all have that old flair. Sometimes you can be at work going about your daily life and then suddenly, it hits you. A blast from the past. Well, that happened to me today. My old lover, Tera, came walking on in to my surgery. It was so good to see her, things hadn’t been going so well for me personally at the moment so it was a real pick me up. We talked about old times and how different things have become. We had a really nice chat. But, she was here about a medical problem and I am the consummate professional. She was having some problems with her back so I went up behind her and asked her to take her top off, nothing I hadn’t seen before in this case!

I then asked her to remove her bra, again she was very comfortable despite our past relations. After a brief examination I sat on the desk and we went over her symptoms. But it was all coming back, I found myself stroking her hair and she was urging me to come closer and closer…and before I knew it, we were kissing! It felt so good to be with her again! I wanted her so badly, we ripped off our clothes before I buried my head in to her soft, wet pussy!

I lay her down on the desk before slipping my cock deep inside! I picked her up and fucked her right there in the middle of the room, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy! I finished by cumming all over her stomach and tits. This was a day I will never forget.

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FakeHospital Sexy Blonde Nurse Sucks Dick For Sperm Sample

This guy wanted to drop off his sperm sample to the hospital but he had forgotten to bring it. The hot blonde nurse suggested that he provide a fresh new sperm sample. He goes into the toilet to have a wank and get a sperm sample into the pot. The nurse thinks that he is taking far too long and gives him a helping hand. She lets him fuck her deep in the pussy and then wanks his cock into a sperm sample pot.

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FakeHospital Sexy nurse helps patient get an erection

The doctor was away and I was in his office ready to help any of his patients if I could. I was waiting patiently when a very handsome older gentleman walked into the office, asking to see the doctor. I explained that he was absent and that maybe I could help him. He seemed reluctant at first, stating that only the doctor could help him as had manly problems. I got him to sit down and it eventually turned out that he was a model agent who liked to fuck his beautiful models, but as he got older his confidence affected his performance, so he needed some pills to help him get an erection. We chatted for a while and I flirted outrageously with him.

I love an older man and I was feeling so horny I decided to see if he was up for some fun. I suggested that instead of taking the pills maybe we could test it right there and then to see if he could get an erection. He seemed a little taken aback, but he had no erection issues as I leaned over the desk, pulled his cock and and began to wank it. He was soon groaning and after popping it in my hot mouth and giving him a tit wank, he was as hard as a diamond. He asked if we could fuck to see if he could maintain his erection without the pills and I was more then happy to oblige. He took me standing up and bent over the good doctors desk. His cock felt beautiful, tightly clamped in my pussy. My nerve endings began to tingle as he slid it in and out of me. This older gentlemen sure did know how to fuck and I had no idea why he needed these pills so badly. His stamina was great as he fucked me in a few positions all over the doctors desk.

He fucked me with the skill and care only an older love knows. I had cum several times and the doctor was due back any minute, so I needed to see his cumshot. After pounding my pussy for a few more moments as I lay sprawled on the desk, he suddenly pulled out and shot his modest cumshot all over my pussy lips and stomach. I proved that you don’t need pills to help you get your dick hard, you just need a hot, naughty nurse like myself.

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