Doctor Who? Ramon & Dillion Harper

Oner of the cutest and most popular porn stars in the world right now is Dillon Harper. Thank you Brazzers for bring us another top rated Dillon Harper porn video.

Watch Dillon getting her sweet teen pussy pounded by a fake doctor. He teaches her how to reach orgasm. She only came into the clinic to tell her doctor that she finds it hard to reach orgasm from her boyfriends cock. Ramon shows her that what she needs is a big cock.

Ramon may not be a real doctor but that doesn't mean he can't help Dillion Harper with her problem. Seems as though Dillion has trouble reaching orgasm and she can't figure out why. Ramon helps Dillion realize that all she really needs is a proper fucking, which Ramon then happily provides.

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Doctor & Nurse Take A Fucking Break Aria Alexander, Sofia Valletta & Jessy Jones

Jesse Jones is a very busy doctor who can’t seem to find any time to take a fucking break. When he notices a sexy patient (Aria Alexander) being led down towards an examination room by the busty nurse (Sofia Valletta), this doc begins to think with his cock and spies on the ladies in hopes of seeing some lesbian fun! Before you know it, the sexy sluts lure Jesse into the examination room where he’ll finally get what he’s always wanted: fucking two of the hottest pieces of ass his hospital has to offer!


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FakeHospital Russian chick gives doctor a sexual favour

Very unusual day today. I had this woman come in who said she was looking to get some pills for her brother. I didn’t really understand what was going on at first. She came in without an appointment, asking me for pills she must know I can’t give her. She went on to explain that both she and her brother were in the country illegally. I mean, this was getting ridiculous. She insisted her brother was very sick and she needed those pills…right now. She turned on the water works and I just couldn’t take it. I couldn’t bear seeing another human being that desperate.

So I got as much information as I could to make sure I got the prescription accurate to what she said her brothers symptoms were. When I handed it over, she was incredibly grateful. She held my hand and asked if there was anything she could do for me. I didn’t know what she meant but then she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in for a kiss! She got up, walked around the desk and pulled out my cock and started giving me an amazing blowjob!

This was incredible! I got her up, whipped off her clothes and got her to ride me on my chair. She had an incredible pair for tits and a great ass! We fucked all over the room before I bent her over the desk and fucked her until I came deep inside her pussy!

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FakeHospital Horny teen gets creampied by doctor

My cock stiffened in my doctors uniform trousers when the gorgeous Morgan walked into my office declaring that she was eighteen and needed a basic health examination. She was absolutely beautiful with a pleasant manner and a smile that made my pants tight. I wasted no time in getting her to strip down to her underwear and lay on the examining table. We were making small talk and she told me that she had recently split with her boyfriend and she was feeling sad and alone. Then she said the magic words that I wanted to hear, she confessed to having a weakness for older men. She began to stroke my arm softly and this was a no brainer for me, I mean no one turns down a hot eighteen year old who is throwing herself at them.

We were soon locked in a kiss as I slid my hand into her panties. Her pussy was wet with desire already and it was making my balls tighten thinking of what that moist, hot pussy would feel like wrapped around my cock. This basic examination was turning into a full blown fuck fest and I fucked this hot woman with everything I had. Her body was exquisite and I pounded her hard and fast in several positions, trying to show her why older men were best. She orgasmed several times and her pussy was tighter then an arm wrestlers grip. How I managed to hold off for so long I’ll never know, but after furious and passionate fucking she whispered to me that she wanted me to cum inside her.

I certainly was not going to refuse this beautiful woman a creampie prescription from her doctor and I unloaded both balls deep into her tight, wet pussy. It felt so good I could have stayed there for hours, but I had a busy day to get on with. I pulled my cock out slowly which was followed by a big internal cumshot that slid out of her pussy and dripped onto the floor.

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FakeHospital Sexy sales lady makes doctor cum twice

I often get sales people coming into the clinic to sell products from various distributors and I noticed I had an appointment this morning with one. In walked an absolutely drop dead gorgeous woman that got my pulse immediately racing. However she has no products I needed and I was committed with contracts to other suppliers. She thanked me for my time and took her leave and I thought that was the end of that. A few minutes later I’m startled as she comes crashing back into my office clutching a bottle of gel. She tells me that this gel will make a mans penis erections bigger and could make him stiff in under two minutes.

I thought I could see where this was heading, she needed sales badly so was going to use her smoking hot body to get them. I played along for a bit, telling her that I couldn’t sell anything that hadn’t been tested and she offered that we should test the product right there and then in my office. I’m not going to turn that down and she was soon sat in front of me rubbing this gel and massaging it into my cock. I’m not sure if the gel worked or it was just the sight of this sexy woman wanking my member that got me rock hard in record time. Needless to say we were soon fucking in all manner of positions all over my office and she turned me on so much that I shot my first load quickly.

She was a very strong willed woman and she turned me on so much that I got straight back on the sexual wagon and fucked her again until finally I unloaded my second load of the day all over her skirt and top. If she keeps using that sales technique that woman is going to sell a lot of products and go far.

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FakeHospital Gorgeous redhead prescribed cock by her doctor

So I make a call home and tell my wife I’ll be home right after I see this next patient. I was looking forward to it! Good food and nice bottle of wine, the perfect relaxed evening! Then this hot redhead walks in to the room. Sure she catches my eye, but I’m a professional, I quickly get rid of any fantasies that might be going through my mind. So, we start talking and it turns out she’s the sister of a nurse that used to work here! A nurse that I really did like and became, shall we say, very familiar with. It seems that she knows about me and her sister, every last detail. She makes it abundantly clear that she would like to have sex…with me. I, being the consummate professional, try to take her heart rate. But as I do, she starts to touch my cock, just gently rubbing it, I put down my stethoscope and kiss her! I get her on the bed and take off her clothes, she had an amazing body! I start to fuck her, me still fully clothed. I loved looking at her bouncing tits! I whip off my clothes lie down and let her give me the best blowjob! She really had been waiting for this for a long time! When I’ve had just enough, I get up put her on the bed and start fucking her hard. I fucked her everywhere…on the bed, the desk. And then at the end I give her a beautiful cream pie!

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