FakeTaxi Jess Scotland – Scottish Lass Gets Creampied

FakeTaxi Jess Scotland - Scottish Lass Gets Creampied
Don't ask me how I nearly managed to offend this Scottish babe Jess within seconds of her jumping into my taxi. I thought I was out of the woods when I started to tell her how much Scots girls turn me on, but before long, I turned the wrong way and got a bit lost on these country roads. There we were, within spitting distance of a notorious dogging site, and she suggested swapping "a ride for a ride!"

I joined Jess in the backseat of the cab and she pounced on my hard dick, following up an amazing deepthroat blowjob with a rimjob that nearly had me on the edge of blowing my load. Lucky for us both I held it in long enough to fuck her every which way, leaving her with a juicy creampie dripping from under her pierced clit.

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FakeTaxi Kimmie Fox Deep Anal for Free Cab Ride

FakeTaxi Kimmie Fox Deep Anal for Free Cab Ride
If Kimmie Fox was willing to swallow the entirety of my cock, the least I could do is swallow the cost of the diesel driving her all the way home to Bristol. You see, when I pulled over to help this poor stranded woman, I had no idea she was going to offer me her sweet ass for a lift home. At her suggestion, we stopped off in a dogging site, where she spread her legs so I could lick and finger her juicy, wet pussy.

After jumping out of the taxi, Kimmie got on her knees so I could facefuck her, and like a good little slut, she deepthroated every inch of my dick, then turned me around and gave me a rimjob. Licking my asshole got Kimmie horny for anal sex, and I turned her over and buried my boner as deep in her big ass as I could go, before coating every square inch of her smiling face with a big thick facial!

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FakeTaxi Petite Brunette Gets Creampied

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Driving around town I meet my share of beautiful women, but my favorites are the escorts like Skyla. She was in a bit of a bind when her driver didn't show up, and needed a cab, and lucked out when she flagged down a cab driven by a naughty old perv like me! I told Skyla that I'd drive her around all day to her appointments if she'd take care of me, and she jumped on it.

We pulled over in one of the quiet spots I know where you can have a shag in the back without any coppers knocking on the window, and I joined her in the backseat for a lick of her sweet snatch. Before I buried my face in her cheeks and ate her ass, I slid my finger knuckle-deep into Skyla's asshole, then she gave me a rimjob in return!

Skyla demonstrated the dick sucking skills that have made her a top escort in town, and then I plowed her good and hard right there in my cab!

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FakeTaxi Stacey Siren Big Tits MILF Underwear Model

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Welsh Milf Goes Balls Deep.

No way could I let a busty broad like today's passenger Stacey ride without wanting to know a little bit about her. When she told me she was in town to do some underwear modeling, my mouth started watering to see a peek of her massive melons, and I asked her to mail me one of her lingerie catalogues. But we kept bantering, and I told her that she could ride completely for free if she peeled off her panties and handed them over.

Stacey peeled them off and gave me a peek at her shaved cunt, then unbuttoned her dress and got her huge fake boobs out so I could lick her nipples. After what felt like an eternity, we pulled over in a secluded spot so she could unzip my pants and get both her hands on my fat, throbbing cock. Stacey sucked me almost to the brink of blowing my load and then wrapped her legs around me and rode me so hard, until I busted a fat cumshot on her chest.

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FakeTaxi Horny Teen Cayla Lyons Has Outdoor Sex

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When this sexy blonde Cayla jumped in my cab, it was all I could do to keep my eyes on the road without crashing. She was comng from a party, and gave me a taste of the dancing and debauchery there, so I tested the waters by telling her about the discount I give passengers if they flash their tits. And after Cayla found out I was a married man, she was so turned on by her little cheating husband fantasy that she was game to pull over somewhere secluded to fuck.

Her pants were off the moment we stopped, so I buried my face in her ass, burying my tongue in her holes and then fucking her from behind in the open air. Watch the amateur porn my cab's security cameras recorded, as I nailed this hot blonde on the back seat of my taxi as she screamed out for more!

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FakeTaxi Anna Joy getting fucked hard from behind by taxi driver

It’s no big secret that I am a big Anna Joy fan. I am always retweeting and favouriting her tweets on my twitter account. So I was delighted to hear that she would be appearing in the legendary FakeTaxi. This time with a sexy brunette look!

I noticed when I picked up my next customer that she seemed a bit distressed, so I asked what was troubling her. At first she didn’t want to talk about it, but then she told me that she was sleeping with her married boss from work. He had told her that he was going to leave his wife, but she’d just found out that they are actually having another baby together. This was one pissed off lady. I suggested that she should get her own back by making him jealous, show him what he was missing.

I suggested that we take some pictures of us together and send it to him. She agreed so I pulled over. It wasn’t long after her sucking my cock that I could tell I was going to get more, so I said let’s film it with the security camera. Once again she agreed and it was on. She had a lovely curvy body and a pretty face that made my cock rock hard. All I could think about was sticking my cock deep into her pussy and watch her eyes light up like a Christmas tree.

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FakeTaxi Chessie Kay fucking with her big tits out

FakeTaxi Petite blonde with big tits gets down and dirty. I was happily driving along when I saw this petite blonde with huge tits walking by. I stopped to reverse the cab to try and talk to her and I almost ran her over. When I got her in the back of the cab to see if she was Ok, I remembered that I had fucked her in the cab once before. She said now she has even bigger tits since we met last, so without a minute to lose I asked if I could just have a quick taste of these new bad boys. I remember she was a very horny lady and I was hoping for a lot more. She said she had time for a little play about so I set off to the nearest car park to start my fantasies over these stunning tits on such a small woman.

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FakeTaxi Blonde chav likes it rough in back of cab

Another day, another dollar. I was hoping to have some action today as I’ve had no luck in days and then this little beauty turned up. She was slim and attractive and it was time to put a plan in place. After hitting the brakes hard on the taxi I pulled over to check the customer was Ok. As I was helping to pick up her belongings I noticed she had no knickers on and I could see her pussy lips. The temptation was just too much and I stuck my hand right in her pussy. She responded by slapping me across the face and I thought I’d have no chance shagging this one, but after the initial shock was over she seemed up for a laugh, then with a quick snog it was time to pull over somewhere and find out how dirty this blonde really was.

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FakeTaxi Taxi drivier tries his beginners luck on hot blonde

It was time to chance my luck on the streets of London once again, and as I pulled up to my potential customer I could see that she had nearly fuck all on. She had long slim legs and her tits were sticking right out, but they did look good. I was aching to know if I could get this one in the sack, so just like always I came out with a simple do you fancy a fuck and I’ll give you a free ride. She didn’t seem to care about my no nonsense approach and then went on to tell me that this wasn’t the first time she’s been asked for a shag in the back of a cab.

This is not surprising really as I bet that dirty bastard John has shagged half of London over the years. Not that I care, I wasn’t exactly going to ask her for her hand in marriage, I just wanted to slip her one. She agreed and then off we went to a quiet spot for a bit of good old fashioned sex in the back. This could be the job for me for life, wish me luck

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