Editing Porn in MultiCam mode in FCP 7

When I’m editing a porn video, I really enjoy using the MultiCam editing feature Final Cut Pro 7. Being able to see all the camera angles at the same time gives me the feel of being the director as well as the editor. To be able to use the MultiCam editing feature, I first of all have to make sure that all the footage I have is all at the same frame rate. So if any of the footage is shot at a different frame rate I will need to run it through Compressor 4 to match the frame rate of the other footage. Once that is done and imported in to FCP 7 I can then continue to prepare the scene for MultiCam editing.

The next stage is very important. It is crucial that the individual camera angles are all synchronised with the same in points. Hopefully the camera operators on set have used some kind of clapboard to mark synch points for the editor. If not, then it will take a little long to find suitable in points for each clip.

tammultiOnce I have created the MultiClip in FCP 7 I can then load it into the timeline and start editing the scene. Once it is loaded into the timeline I am able to see all the different camera angles playing at the same time. This is where I can decide on which camera angle is the best angle to use during the scene. With just a simple click of the mouse I can switch between camera and when I have finished, FCP7 will then create the edited points for me.  I can then go through the timeline and make any fine adjustments to the edit points if I need to.

I find this style of editing much easier and quicker than having to load each camera angle onto different layers on the timeline.  Being able to see all the angles at the same time is far easier than having to look at each individual clip separately.

This scene I was editing was a scene that will be coming soon to FakeHub.com

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