Did Fearne Cotton realise she tweeted a Porn Editor

I get a tweet from Fearne Cotton and my Twitter notifications go into over drive.  As a porn editor I don't expect to have Twitter interaction from high profile celebrities on Twitter.  I enjoy short Twitter conversations and retweets from porn stars and adult industry colleagues, but when former Radio One DJ Fearne Cotton sent me a tweet back, I suddenly had a flood of new followers, retweets and favourites.

ITV Celebrity Juice panel captain Fearne Cotton tweeted that she was enjoying doing some baking whilst listening to ZZTop.  I love a good pun, so I decided to reply to her tweet by changing the ZZTop song Give Me All you Loving, to Give Me all your Muffins, all your hugs and kisses too.  To which she replied "Yes, why didn't I think of this?"

Fearne Cotton Twitter

After I double checked that it was the real Fearne Cotton's Twitter account I sent back another tweet, but got no reply.  However, it did lead to a sudden flood of retweets and favourites.  My Twitter App notification ring tone was going off every couple of minutes.  I also gained a number of new followers.

I'm still getting the occasional retweet 3 days later.   You can follow me on Twitter @XXXVideoEditor

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