RealityKings Flexi Fuck Alana Moon

Long Live Hungary! What a beautiful country, well not the actual country but the women it produces! From Budapest to the smaller cities of Debrecen and Miskolc, Hungary has dimes in every nook and cranny. Evidenced today by AlanaMoon. She was a local girl of the small town of Szeged. You could tell she was a village girl by her shy nature and demeanor. But it's pretty much universal that it's the shy ones you got to watch out for.

When she walked into the apartment she instantly fell in love with it. She loved how ambient and spacious it was. I took it slowly but I soon made her an offer she couldn't refuse, 20% off to suck and fuck. She immediately said yes and from there it was a wrap. Tony came in to take care of business and you could tell Alana was out of her league.

She got fucked like a rag doll, swinging off the cock as if she was an acrobat. Tony had her begging for more. After it was all said and done Alana happily took the keys and she saved a few bucks to spend in our beautiful city. Long live Hungary my friends, long live Hungary!

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