My Stepsister The Gamer Sean Lawless & Kristen Scott

Most step sisters can be really annoying. Whether they are older or younger, it can be difficult create a genuine relationship. So Sean Lawless is a little lucky when his new step sister is the hot babe Kristen Scott. She has a smoking hot body and she also loves to play video games. She's a gamer babe. A hotty that loves to play computer games in her spare time.

For Sean the added bonus is that he often finds her playing games in her underwear. He is sure that she is teasing him. He thinks that she just waiting for him to fuck her in her tight pussy.

So the day that Sean finds out that she has been whipping his ass on an online tournament, he takes his revenge by bursting into her bedroom and whips out his cock. She is amazed by his big cock, and enjoys sucking her step brothers cock before she opens her legs for a fucking from her new step bro.

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RealityKings Play Nice Ruby Sparx Shyla Jennings

Shyla was playing a brand new video game she had just downloaded and Ruby overheard her having a blast from upstairs. She tiptoed her way downstairs to spy on her. She saw Shyla's little butt poking out from her yoga pants and couldn't resist. Ruby laid on the couch by Shyla and hiked her skirt up.

She tickled her clean shaven pussy while staring at Shyla and of course Shyla caught her redhanded. She told her to stop being such a perv and returned right back to the game she was enthralled with. Ruby crawled over to Shyla until he face was eye level with Shyla's booty and she surprised her by burying her tongue into her ass.

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