RealityKings Slippery When Wet Avery Adair and Megan Sage

Megan Sage was reading a book while Avery Adair was sleeping. It was an erotic novel about curious girls. Avery felt that somebody was watching her and she stretched slowly while she was waking up. Yes of course she was curious, too. The girls started to kiss. There wasn't much patience for foreplay. Megan quickly kissed the nipples and went straight for third base.

She licked a lot, then changed position licked more and put her finger in. Avery was moaning in enjoyment. The girls switched into a 69 with Avery on top. She was a little more adventurous, her tongue explored deeper and she started to lick that cute, little asshole. Time for some acrobatics. Avery went into a shoulder stand sticking her pussy right into Megan's face.

With such easy access Megan obviously licked both holes. To minimize the complaints in the comments the girls started to rub their pussies together. Some call it tribbing, others call it scissoring. The two girls couldn't care less how people call it, they simply enjoyed each other. This was exhausting. The girls hugged, cuddled and kissed and guess now both of them would fall asleep.

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But I’m Straight! Vanessa Veracruz & Jenna Sativa

This lesbian porn video from Brazzers is one of those videos that makes you believe that any women would have lesbian sex if they were both really horny. These two sexy babes enjoy female orgasms together for he first time.

Lately Jenna Sativa has been having problems with her boyfriend. He takes forever to call her back and never responds to her texts. Worried he might be losing interest in her, Jenna decides to send some hot pics to remind him what he's missing. She's so embarrassed when her BFF Vanessa Veracruz stops by and catches her taking sexy selfies, but Vanessa offers to help! After all, Vanessa likes girls, so she knows how to make Jenna look super fuckable for her boyfriend. Vanessa convinces Jenna to show more and more skin, then helps get her nipples hard and her pussy wet for the camera. Jenna can't believe she's actually getting turned on by another girl! Maybe the problem isn't her boyfriend... maybe she just needs to try some lesbian love.

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FakeHub Sensual Lesbian Pussy Licking From FemaleAgent

femaleagent Sensual Lesbian Pussy Licking
Stacy Snake knew what she was getting herself into when she came to my office looking for work. When I asked her to shed her clothing and give me a peek at her tattoos, Stacy dropped her clothing on the spot. Stacy's tight body and juicy curves had my mouth watering, and when she got down to her underwear, my pussy was soaking wet too.

Thankfully, Stacy wasn't shy about stripping down even further, and jumped at the chance to audition by shooting a casting couch girl/girl sex tape with me! Watch the super-hot lesbian amateur porn I recorded with the Russian babe, as she ate my pussy and licked my asshole like a pro, and had me cumming in her mouth again and again.

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SexyHub Lesbea Come My Way Lesbian porn video

Teen dream Carrie is back again and this time she is joined by the stunning Filipino bombshell Kim. Kim is avery sensual lover but is easily excited, it doesn’t take a lot to get her going, to get her wet and Carrie is one girl who knows a thing or two about carpet munching. These two girls set off on a real adventure in this scene, trying things every which way to make the other feel amazing, but it is all about the intimacy, almost always kissing passionately the only time their mouths spend significant time apart is when they are eating pussy.

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