Shawna Lenee Recommends this Brazzers Video for you

shawna_twitter_replyI asked Shawna Lenee on Twitter which Brazzers video would she recommend if she could only recommend one. This was her reply.

So of course I went straight to the Brazzers web site to see ifI could find the video that she had recommended. ┬áSo I ‘m glad to be able to show you a great screen shot of the video where she enjoys getting fucked hard by Scott nails.

Shawna kept yapping on the phone for hours, when her boyfriend really just needed to get in touch with his bookie. It would have been fine, except she said she’d place his bets, and then forgot completely.

Wouldn’t you know it, Scott’s team won, AND he would have collected on the over. But no, Shawna forgot to place the bet. With Scott fuming over a chance to collect thousands, Shawna realized the only way to distract him from the disappointment would be to wet down his dick.

Scott was only too happy to lick and finger Shawna’s pristine pussy and asshole, before he bent her over the kitchen counter right then and there and pounded the sweet fuck out of her girl-hole.

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