Suicide Squad XXX Parody from DigitalPlayground

suicide squad XXX Parody DigitalPlayground
Another classic XXX Parody from DigitalPlayground. Brazzers have had a go at it, but this time DigitalPlayground have released their version of a Suicide Squad XXX Parody. Aria Alexander stars as Harley Quinn. This 'super hero' must be a pornographers dream character to make a parody of. Her blonde pigtails and very short shorts make her an easy outfit to copy and fuck.

I'm not sure how many of these Suicide Squad Parodies Digitalplayground will release, but I'm hoping they will release plenty of them as the lust for Harley Quinn increases. I think Harley Quinn will be every teenage boys wet dream after they watch the Summer blockbuster of the year. I imagine a lot of hard ons in the cinema when they see Margot Robbie bending over in Harley Quinn outfit and showing off her incredible arse.

suicide squad XXX Parody DigitalPlayground

So watch this space for more up and coming Suicide Squad porn parodies coming soon. I can only guess that they will all feature Harley Quinn getting fucked by different heroes and villains. As long as we can see her getting her pussy fucked hard, we won't care who gets to fuck her.

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Harley In The Nuthouse (XXX Parody) Bill Bailey & Riley Reid

I knew it would not be long before Brazzers started to release some Suicide Squad XXX Parodies. First up it's Riley Reid in Harley Quinn cosplay action with Bill Bailey. She looks so sexy in those very short shorts and her hair in bunches.

Be warned: lunatic sex fiends like Harleen Quinn (Riley Reid) are locked up for a reason. She might seem sweet and charming, but get too close and you'll find out why they call her Harley Quinn. New asylum doctor Bill Bailey finds out the hard way that when you give Harley an inch, she'll take 6 more inches.

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Suicide Squad XXX Porn Parody

Come on then guys, who will be first to produce a XXX Parody of Suicide Squad. With plenty of cast members to turn into porn stars, Suicide Squad XXX Porn Parody is certainly going to make an appearance very soon. So far this year we have seen Captain America Finally Gets Laid, from Digitalplayground, X-Men Parody, Game of Thrones Parody, Ghostbusters XXX Parody all produced by Brazzers.

I'm fairly certain that the top porn production companies are already making plans to get a Suicide Squad porn video out on the internet very soon. Usually they release them on the same day a the premiere, but I have a feeling that the top SEO advisors will be telling them to release at least a week or so before the world wide premiere. This will give the scene more time to be ranked in search engines.

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing, Harley Quinn in her very short skirt getting fucked as she bends over and exposes her tight pussy. We can only sit and wait until a Suicide Squad porn parody trailer is released. I'm going to make a guess that it will be produced by Brazzers and Harley Quinn will be played by British porn star Chessie Kay.

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