The Bigger The Better Heather Vahn & Keiran Lee

The Bigger The Better Heather Vahn & Keiran Lee
Heather has the afternoon to herself and as always is looking forward to hunkering down with a big old dildo. Thing is she is in need of a bigger piece but she has spent so much money on sex toys, escorts and the like that she just doesn’t have a budget for it. Even the credit card companies are getting involved, sending repo men to interrupt her pleasure sessions. Lucky for Heather today's repo man has a cock that is leagues above her biggest dildo! Looks like this is a win-win situation!

Having started modeling in her teens, this Heather Vahn is used to showing off for the camera. So when she was offered the chance to have some freaky fun at the same time, joining the porn industry was a no brainer. Although, don't get us wrong: Heather's definitely a brainer herself, and an exceptional one at that

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