Cum For Nurse Sarah Sarah Vandella & Keiran Lee

Cum For Nurse Sarah Sarah Vandella & Keiran Lee
Nurse Sarah provides her patients with the very best care, but she expects them to thank her with a hard fuck once they're all better. In this Cum For Nurse Sarah scene, after tending to Mr. Lee for weeks she's ready to cash in on his cum, but she's having trouble sealing the deal. A sneaky sponge bath might do the trick!

A self-professed "woman-lover", Sarah also adores having a fat cock in her perfect juicy backside. This saucy wide-eyed babe may have an innocent look to her, but trust us; Sarah Vandella is a porn pro that was born to bend over.

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Perks Of Being A Nurse Lily Love & Sean Lawless

Sexy nurse Lily Love may look like she is sweet and innocent, but every time she sees a male patient with a big cock she gets so excited. Se thinks Sean Lawless is in a coma, so she decides to have a suck on his cock while he is still in his hospital bed. Dressed in her sexy white nurse uniform Lily Love performs oral sex on her patient Sean Lawless. She does not know that he is actually pretending to be unconscious. She thinks she is going to get away with fucking a patient without him knowing, but he is loving every second of her sweet cherry lips around his cock.

Once she has his cock as hard as it can be, she lifts up her nurse uniform and mounts his long stiffy. This is the best day of his life. Seeing a hot nurse riding his hard cock, is the best feeling he has ever know. If her really was in a coma and this was just a dream, then he never wants to wake up!

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Sex And The Sponge Bath Jordi El Niño Polla & Alexis Fawx

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I think that skinny male porn star Jordi El Niño Polla must of really enjoyed his bath time with Leigh Darby a few months ago, because he is back in the bath tube again, but this time it's a sponge bath from nurse Alexis Fawx.

Jordi El Niño Polla is being discharged from hospital today, but his sexy blonde nurse decides that he needs to be cleaned up before he can leave the hospital. She has been keeping in eye on him because she thinks he is so cute. She decides to pay him one last visit in his hospital bed. She wears her nurse uniform but leave a few of her top buttons undone which exposes her big tits and sexy cleavage.

Having a sponge bath from this hot nurse with her tits half hanging out, makes Jordi's cock erect within minutes. That is what Alexis was hoping for. She wanted her hands on his big cock. She loves the way his big cock stands out against his skinny body.

Jordi El Niño Polla & Alexis Fawx both get very wet and soapy as Alexis rubs her sponge and her big boobs all over his body. Watch him fuck his dirty nurse from his hospital bed before blowing his load all over her slutty nursey face.

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FakeHub Nurse enjoys some lesbian pussy

fakehospital lesbian nurse
Super hot nurse is fascinated by her patients pussy problem. She decides that she needs a closer inspection of that pussy. She is shocked to see such a smooth bald twat. Its the first time she has seen a hairless pussy. She cannot resist having a touch. her patient reacts by letting her push two fingers deep in her her cunt-hole.

This nurse is about to get knuckles deep inside a warm wet pussy. this lesbian porn video from FakeHospital, will make you fantasise about lesbian nurses all night!.

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Like What You See? Savannah Stevens & Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle is due for an eye exam and decides to visit the new optometrist, Savannah Stevens. Johnny’s vision is perfectly fine, only he’s more interested in getting up close and personal with the busty doctor—and her tits that is! Will Dr. Stevens be able to see through Mr. Castle’s blatant attempts to get up her skirt and between her pussy lips, or does Savannah need to give him the glad eye?

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Clinic Cooch Peta Jensen & Xander Corvus

Xander Corvus may think that he’s just walked into a regular health clinic but nothing could be further from the truth. As he soon discovers, Nurse Peta Jensen runs a tight, perverted ship and it isn’t long before she has her patient balls deep into her tight, wet pussy.


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FakeHospital Hot nurse seduces and fucks her old college flame

I was sitting in the doctors office and I got the shock of my life when an old college professor of mine walked in for an appointment. He was surprised to see me also but he recognized me instantly even though we hadn’t seen each other in over ten years. I had always fancied my college professor, he always seemed very sexy and knowledgeable.

As we chatted and caught up I learned that he was now separated from his wife and that he was single. This was perfect, I was going to seduce him and finally fuck this guy that I had been lusting after for more then ten years. I sent him away to get me a urine sample and I undid the top few buttons on my top to give him a glimpse of my breasts.

When he returned I began my seduction and he soon knew what I was after. After reassuring him that we would not be disturbed, I soon had his cock out and was stuffing it down my throat. I was so wet and excited at the thought of finally fucking this man that I needed to feel his cock inside me before I burst with anticipation.

I have to say that he didn’t let me down, he fucked me hard and he fucked me well. There were a few moments where he lost his erection slightly, but it must have been overwhelming for him having a former student of his fucking him in a doctors office, so who could blame him. After we had fucked in several positions I wanted to see his cum shot and I held my mouth open as he wanked himself to orgasm into my mouth. An amazing start to the day and I can tick fucking him off my bucket list.

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FakeHospital Nurse cures studs depression by letting him cum all over her pussy

It was a quiet day here at the hospital when a miserable looking young man walked in asking to see the doctor. When I asked him what was wrong he was reluctant to say, but finally confessed to being highly depressed and he wanted some anti depressants. It seems this young studs girlfriend had recently left him and he was suffering badly. I was feeling frisky and I knew that all this young stud needed to get over a woman was to get his cock inside another one. I sat on the desk in front of him, explaining that I could help him release some natural hormones without the need for pills as I caressed his stiffening cock through his jeans with my foot. I hiked up my skirt and pulled my panties to one side exposing my sweet tasting pussy. I told him to lick me and he wasted no time is sticking his tongue into my hot hole.

This therapy session was in full swing and he fucked me all over the hospital reception in all of my favorite positions. Finally I was satisfied and I bent over the desk, spreading my ass cheeks and asked him to cum all over my pussy. He shot a thick wad of guy glue all over my ass cheeks and it dripped all over my slick lips. I hope his girlfriend realizes what she’s missing, this stud could fuck and my good work was done. Remember, if you’re depressed, have sex. It really does cure all and wipe away the blues.

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Fake Hospital Sexy Nurse fucks a ripped patient in her surgery


I was cleaning the doctors office for him, he can be such a pig sometimes and leaves it messy, when a handsome young stud walked in. I knew the doctor was gone for a while so I decided to see what his problem was for myself. This ripped stud had got hurt whilst competing in combat sport and he was after some cream for his abrasions. I was after some cream myself and this guy was making my pussy drip with excitement. I told him to take his shorts off so I could examine all of him and he confessed to not having any underwear on. Then he shocked me by saying he had noticed that I was not wearing any either.

Well the cat was out of the bag so there was no point wasting time. I lifted mu uniform to show him my wet, shaven pussy and he was instantly transfixed. I walked over to him and put his hands onto my pussy before reaching inside his shorts and grabbing hold of his long dick. As he kissed me we stroked each other and my pussy twitched with anticipation. I took him over to the examining table and devoured his cock with my mouth, sucking it deep down my throat and licking his balls. Soon we were making our own mess of the recently cleaned office as we fucked in lots of positions, exploring, licking sucking and probing.

He fucked me hard and with great skill, I felt myself orgasm several times but time was running out. The doctor would be back soon so I told him to cum all over my amazing round ass. He fucked me hard from behind for a bit longer before pulling out and shooting a massive stream of his cum all over my arse cheeks. Now I’d have to clean the office again, but believe me it was worth it.

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