FemaleFakeTaxi Elicia Solis Takes a Facial for a Fare

Hullo, hullo! I thought I’d caught a lucky break when the tattooed hunk Pete who jumped in my cab was such a friendly chatterbox. But the bottom fell out when he asked for a free ride because he “didn’t have enough cash” in his pockets to pay me. But you know me, I’d rather see a passenger whip out his cock than his wallet anyway, and Pete was happy to oblige when I told him to spit in his hand and wank his dick. Watching him tug himself got me so excited, I went back and gagged on his fat cock, then kitted down so he could eat my pussy from behind until I was dripping wet. After some oral sex, he rammed me with that impressive cock, then blew his big load in my mouth as a tip for services rendered!

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FakeTaxi Jasmine Webb Ebony Gets Down and Dirty

A diva got in my cab barking orders to her staff the moment we set off. I struck up a bit of friendly banter, and she turned out to be none other than the singer Jasmine I’d given a ride to once before and fucked in the back of my cab! Jasmine Webb said she was in too much of a rush to do anything moe than give me a blowjob, but I didn’t mind, I’d dreamed for weeks about having her luscious lips on my knob once more. She pounced on my cock and deepthroated it all, and gave me the best, sloppiest blowjob I’d ever had in this cab. Of course, once we got started fooling around, there’s no way we weren’t going to keep her manager waiting and enjoy a hard, raw fuck for old time’s sake!

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FemaleAgent Agent Loves Sexy Hot Blondes Figure

Today’s applicant Bianca came in looking to jump-start her career after a brief hiatus, so I let her know the best way to come back is with a bang! When I let her know our company does everything from softcore to hard erotica, this beautiful blonde was very eager to get started. So eager, she came in wearing a gorgeous pink lingerie set underneath her clothing, that totally caught me by surprise when I asked her to strip down and show me her big round boobs. Bianca was disappointed when I told her I wanted her for solo shoots, since she’d come in with a craving for the passionate sex of girl/girl scenes. Bianca started her comeback campaign with a hot lesbian fuck in my office, and lucky for you we got it all on tape!

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FakeHospital Patient Has A Pussy Check Up

I almost got caught red-handed today when my patient barged in while I was surfing online porn and jerking it behind my desk. Things were still awkward when I let Lena in for her exam, and tried to guess what she’d seen! Since Lena had been operated on recently, she just wanted me to examine her body and see how well she was bouncing back. The fun started when it came time for me to to examine her breasts, so I stood behind her and reached around to grab big juicy handfuls of her tits. That got my cock as stiff as it was when she caught me jerking it. Lena got her hands on my rock hard cock, and before long we were having hot sex all over my office!

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FemaleFakeTaxi FakeTaxi Driver vs FemaleFakeTaxi Driver

The FemaleFakeTaxi driver (Elicia Solis) is joined in the FakeTaxi by the legendary original FakeTaxi driver. The FakeTaxi driver knows she likes to lick a mans arse, and he is a big rimming fan. They make a deal and join each other on the backseat of the world famous London Faketaxi. This FemaleFakeTaxi vs FakeTaxi driver is one scene that will go straight to your favourites list.

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FemaleFakeTaxi Sexy Driver Gets Some Student Cock

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I’d just started my shift for the day when I picked up a rather good looking student who wanted a ride to the University. I thought all students were poor, so I asked him how he could afford to take taxi’s anywhere. He went all nervous in the back of the cab, before confessing that he was very poor and that he had no money for this taxi ride, he had intended to do a runner when we got to his destination. The cheeky fucker, the only reason he confessed and didn’t do it was because he didn’t expect a fit bird to be the cab driver. I was going to make him pay, one way or the other. I told him that he had two choices, I either drive him to the police station or I could take him somewhere quiet and he could give me a good seeing to.

No prizes for guessing which option he chose, suffice to say it wasn’t long before my mouth was stuffed full of student cock. We had quite a naughty session, he had good stamina and I let him face fuck me after he had fucked me to orgasm in cowgirl. But he shouldn’t be enjoying himself too much, since he had intended to do a runner. So I stuck his head through the slut hatch and spanked his arse good until my hand print was clearly visible. He didn’t seem like a fan of spanking, so we got back to fucking. I proved too much for this student as he fucked me doggy style, he pulled out and started cumming as he tried to get into position, He was literally moving and cumming at the same time.

The irony was that I couldn’t even charge him for cleaning up the cab as he had no fucking money on him anyway. A nice fuck to start the day off with though.

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FemaleFakeTaxi Cocky Fella Shown Who’s The Boss

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It winds me up when a passenger starts telling me not to take the long route, acting all high and mighty, so I wasn’t going to sit back and take it when this cocky fucker started jabbering on and I came right back at the scruffy bastard. In the exchange of banter we somehow got on to the subject of balls and next thing I know he’s got his balls out, not his cock mind, his bloody balls! I could tell he was a pervert so I played along, knowing that I could guide this the way I wanted to. Once in the back and I’d had my orgasm I almost kicked him out just to be cruel, but then I let him cum on my face and made sure to give him a nice spunky kiss afterwards!

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FakeHospital Sexy Blonde Nurse Sucks Dick For Sperm Sample

This guy wanted to drop off his sperm sample to the hospital but he had forgotten to bring it. The hot blonde nurse suggested that he provide a fresh new sperm sample. He goes into the toilet to have a wank and get a sperm sample into the pot. The nurse thinks that he is taking far too long and gives him a helping hand. She lets him fuck her deep in the pussy and then wanks his cock into a sperm sample pot.

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