But I’m Straight! Vanessa Veracruz & Jenna Sativa

This lesbian porn video from Brazzers is one of those videos that makes you believe that any women would have lesbian sex if they were both really horny. These two sexy babes enjoy female orgasms together for he first time.

Lately Jenna Sativa has been having problems with her boyfriend. He takes forever to call her back and never responds to her texts. Worried he might be losing interest in her, Jenna decides to send some hot pics to remind him what he's missing. She's so embarrassed when her BFF Vanessa Veracruz stops by and catches her taking sexy selfies, but Vanessa offers to help! After all, Vanessa likes girls, so she knows how to make Jenna look super fuckable for her boyfriend. Vanessa convinces Jenna to show more and more skin, then helps get her nipples hard and her pussy wet for the camera. Jenna can't believe she's actually getting turned on by another girl! Maybe the problem isn't her boyfriend... maybe she just needs to try some lesbian love.

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Playboy Mash-Up Monday Hot Rides


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This Mash-Up Monday, we’re gonna drive you wild with this sexy round-up of naked Cybergirls and their hot cars. First up, petite blonde Jennifer Ann seduces us with military precision, and tanned, toned Autumn Lynn poses in leather pants on a vintage convertible. Latin sweetheart Jenna Sativa takes us all for a trip down lover’s lane, and last but definitely not least, busty beauties Ali Rose and Elizabeth Marxs are having the sexiest car wash of all time. If you like a little hood ornamentation, look no further than these six sleek babes, right here on Playboy Plus.

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Wet Panties Scissoring Jenna Sativa & Lexi Belle

Jenna isn’t very experienced when it comes to guys. Luckily she’s BFFs with Lexi, who is more than happy to help her practice kissing. After some soft kisses Lexi wants to teach Jenna more, but Jenna isn’t sure – doesn’t this make her a lesbian? Lexi convinces Jenna it’s okay as long as they keep their panties on. These two cuties scissor until their panties are soaking wet. It’s not long until Lexi peels Jenna’s panties off for the real deal.


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Pretty Little Bitches Part Two Indigo Augustine & Jenna Sativa

In Part Two of Pretty Little Bitches, Indigo goes over to Jenna’s house after school where they are surprised to find a personal note left by the mysterious “D” for Jenna. Indigo’s curious of the note’s meaning, but after spending the night, she realizes what secret Jenna has been keeping from her—lesbians have the best sex!

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