Outing The Outed Krissy Lynn, Sheena Rose & Uma Jolie

The Brazzers lesbian threesome is called Outing The Outed. It stars experienced porn star Krissy Lynn and two new porn starlets Sheena Rose and Uma Jolie. Krissy Lynn is not happy when she see's the two new barmaids pissing around instead of working, so she gets them on all fours and scrubbing the floor.

These two teen porn stars are eager to impress the blonde MILF Krissy Lynn, so they do whatever Krissy asks. Krissy Lynn takes full advantage of their submissive nature and gets them both naked and performing lesbian sex acts on each other for her own enjoyment.

Sheena Rose & Uma Jolie lick and finger each others tight pussies while hot Krissy Lynn sits and masturbates in the corner.

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Hold That Shot 2 Krissy Lynn & Danny D

Krissy is so excited to work Danny D! But she didn’t realize they’re only shooting photos, not sex. It doesn’t matter, she’s determined to get that big cock in her pretty mouth and tight pussy. She’ll just have to be sneaky about it.

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XXX Review : Rowdy Armbar Goes Too Far

Scene : Rowdy Armbar Goes Too Far
Starring : Krissy Lynn and Mickey Mod

This Krissy Lynn porn scene from Brazzers starts off like a boxing promotional match off. They even have a mock-up weigh-in. Both Krissy Lynn and Mickey Mod do a short monologue to camera describing how they are going to take each other down. Krissy Lynn however is not looking for prize money, she is looking for a big cock to wrestle with once she has won.

So the action gets started with Krissy Lynn and Mickey Mod catch fighting. That’s right guy on girl cage fighting. They both try and punch each other in the face….in the face! Krissy is punched a few times straight in the face but she soon battles back and puts Mickey on the canvass.

As they both grapple on the mat, this is where Mickey starts to get a good feel of Krissy’s tits and arse. He can hardly help it really. her tits are almost busting out of her very tight lycra. Her big tits continuously end up being rubbed in his face as they both get sweaty down on the cage fighting canvas. Just before Mickey concedes defeat, there are some great slow-mo sequences where you really get to see the aggression on Krissy Lynn’s face.

Krissy has the win in the bag. But her attention now turns to his big cock. Whilst still wearing her tight lycra shorts, she turns and sits on his face. She plants her sweaty ass straight onto the end of his nose and he has no option but to get a great sniff if her arse crack. Unable to contain himself any longer, Mickey rips open her shorts to expose her arsehole and sweaty vagina. But before he can dip his tongue into her pussy, she jumps off and gets straight down to his big black cock and sticks it straight down her throat. She continues to give his a real rough, sloppy blowjob. She is in fire and she cock worships him while he is still on his back.


Of course Krissy Lynn doesn’t neglect his balls. She makes sure they both of his black plums get a good sucking. After she has had enough ball sucking, she spins around to give Mickey the pleasure of licking her sweaty arse crack and pussy. They perform a great 69 on the cage fighting ring. It’s at this stage where you get to see Krissy Lynn twerking her bubble butt in to his face. I fucking love this part. Krissy Lynn can twerk that big ass like space hopper. It’s an incredible sight.

Mickey Mod has enough of being dominated by her. It’s now his turn to get what he wants from her. He picks her up and pulls out her big tits while playing with her clit. Krissy doesn’t put up too much of a fight here. His hands do a lot of talking before he bends her over and fucks her from behind with his big black cock.

Krissy Lynn and Mickey Mod enjoy this rough sex scene. Set in a cage fighting ring they both get hot and sweaty to give you a great performance. The experienced Krissy Lynn is bent into all sorts of different positions before she gets his cum in her mouth.


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Rowdy Armbar Goes Too Far Krissy Lynn & Mickey Mod

Rowdy Krissy is the most dominant female fighter of all time. Having obliterated the entire women’s division she sets her sights on the men’s division. She’s going to get it on with top fighter Mickey Mod, and if she’s victorious she’ll have taken more than Mickey’s dignity, she’ll have taken his hard throbbing cock too.


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My Stepmom Hired a Hooker Anya Ivy, Krissy Lynn & Tyler Nixon

Tyler Nixon is a hopeless doofus when it comes to pleasing the ladies. Luckily his stepmother Krissy Lynn takes pity on him and hires a young hooker named Anya Ivy for Tyler to practice his moves on. Unable to help herself, Krissy soon joins the fray, beginning a very naughty three way fuck fest.


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Milf Crashes Pool Party Krissy Lynn & Brad Knight

Krissy Lynn’s daughter is having a pool party and Krissy couldn’t be more excited. She’s ready to pounce on some thick young cock, so she joins the party wearing the sluttiest bikini you’ve ever seen! Her daughter begs her to change but Krissy tells her to relax. Then she gropes all her daughter’s young male friends, trying to feel who has the biggest dick. Finally she corners her daughter’s boyfriend and discovers he has the biggest cock of all! She gives the lucky young man an underwater handjob then sneaks him into the house for a secret fuck session.

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