FakeTaxi a Global Porn Phenomenon

Whenever I get into a conversation about my job in porn, I usually get asked, “who do you work for then?”. My stock answer is simply, “have you ever heard of FakeTaxi?”. I use this line because I know the answer will be YES. I haven’t found anybody who wanted to talk about my job that hasn’t heard of FakeTaxi.


At our staff Christmas party the REAL FakeTaxi driver was with us. When a waitress asked us what our company did, we explained that we were all porn video editors. Of course the first question was what videos did we make, we just said “have you heard of FakeTaxi”. All the restaurant staff would not believe us until out REAL FakeTaxi driver delivered on of his lines from a FakeTaxi video. The restaurant staff recognized his voice immediately. They could not believe they had the REAL FakeTaxi driver in their restaurant. They were even having their photos taken with him!

It’s no surprise really. The FakeTaxi videos are some of the most searched for porn videos on the internet today. There are even REAL taxi’s all over the world using the FakeTaxi logo on their own real taxi’s. I have even just found a FakeTaxi GTI on Grand Theft Auto.

All the British female porn stars have been fucked in the FakeTaxi (some more than once). Lucia Love, Ava Delush, Victoria Summers, Stella Cox, Ava Austen, Ella Hughes are just some of the top rated British porn stars that have have their pussies pounded on the back seat of the famous Fake London Black cab.

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FakeTaxi Cock Teasing Stunner Gets Big Facial

After pulling over so the couple could finish off there backseat sex, all of a sudden her boyfriend gets up and fucks off. I asked what was the problem and she said he came all over her face and in her eye. All I knew at this point is that I was alone with a beautiful naked woman and I was not about to miss this opportunity. So I jumped in the back to see if I could help. She said she noticed me looking at her in the mirror and she liked it. I said I was enjoying the show, then I leaned in and started to kiss her. With her boyfriend nowhere to be seen it was time to get as much out of this stunner while the going was good. Fingers crossed he doesn’t come back when I’m eating her pussy.

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FakeTaxi Lady in pink underwear gets creampied

I could tell as soon as I picked up my next lady customer that she had a cheeky look in her eye, and after seeing her pink knickers on show in the back of the cab, this was hopefully one in the bag. After a bit of flirting we agreed that I could fuck her in the back of the taxi, I needed a good fuck so I soon pulled up and got stuck in. She had a really juicy pussy and it tasted like a fucking rainbow, but already I was getting too excited so I lobbed my cock out and rammed it down her throat, I love this job.

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