RealityKings Bone In Capone Lexxxus Adams and Nikki Capone

Guys like Peter Green are what gives guys the bad rep. He was caught talking another chick and sure enough Lexxxus Adams found out. After being in the house fretting and being down Nikki Capone, Peter Green’s step mom had to step in and make things right with Lexxxus. So she did what any good step mother would do…

Whats better than mending a relationship than with some make-up sex involving your step mom? Welcome to MomsBangsTeens.

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A Late Night Visitor Nikki Capone & JB Rodeo

Nikki gets her spawn to bed early and now With nothing to do she starts feeling restless. She calls over her babysitter, JB, saying she needs him to watch the the spawn so she can go out. But once he arrives she says her plans were cancelled, and she’d like him to stay…

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