The Final Exam Johnny Castle & Peta Jensen

What a dream job to have. Massaging the beautiful body of top porn star Peta Jensen. Johnny Castle is training to be a masseuse and his final task is to make sure that he gives Peta Jensen the massage of her life. This will not be a to difficult task. Peta's body is one of the finest porn star bodies on the internet. Great arse and perfect tits has seen Peta Jensen rise to the top of most porn star rankings.

So sit back and feast your eyes on her amazing body as Johnny Castle rubs warm sensual oils over her fit body. His erection pokes through his trousers and Peta is determined to see what kind of cock his has hidden away. Once PEta has her mouth around his cock, this massage test is over and it's just pure sex from here on in.

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Pass the Peta Keiran Lee, Toni Ribas & Peta Jensen

It's always a pleasure to see Peta Jensen first thing in the morning when I start updating this web site. Peta Jensen has dramatically risen up my top porn star list of the passed year. Her incredible body and perfectly formed tits make her one of the must view porn stars of the passed two years.

In this new Brazzers threesome porn video, she is blind folded whilst playing some sex games with boyfriend Keiran Lee. He decides that he would like to see his hot GF getting fucked by one of his friends, Toni Robas. Peta Jensen quickly realises that the big cock in her pussy wasn't Keiran's. She loved the though of being fucked by another cock and not knowing who it was.

Peta loves to play, so it's no surprise she likes being blindfolded before going to work on a thick cock. But will she catch on when that thick cock is replaced by another? Toni and Keiran give Peta the switcheroo but lucky for us she loves their tricks almost as much as she loves their dicks!

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A Guilty Conscience Bill Bailey & Peta Jensen

There's nothing better than waking up to find that Brazzers have provided us with another porn video starring Peta Jensen. I never get tired of her amazing tits and ass. Her latest scene is called A Guilty Conscience. She stars along side Bill Bailey in this porn video about a sex hungry wife that takes pleasure in fucking her lover while her husband is still in the house.

Brazzers have really pushed the cheating wife niche on the last 4-6 months. It must be paying off because they wouldn't want to waste the talents of Peta Jensen if they didn't think the scene would generate plenty of income.

In this scene called A Guilty Conscience, Peta is looking as sexy as ever, dress in sexy black lingerie. Stocking and suspenders that will make you cock hard just by looking at her. She has to get her lover into the house without her husband seeing him. Can she manage to get her pussy fucked hard enough to have orgasms without her dorking husband hearing?

I can't wait to see Peta Jensen in another amazing Brazzers porn video very soon. She is rapidly climbing my all time favourite porn star list.

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Our Little Masquerade Danny D & Peta Jensen

Wow, Peta Jensen's big tits look amazing in this new Brazzers porn video. In this great video, she is being fucked hard by Danny D and his monster cock. His cock is a foot long, I shit you not!

Hot brunette porn star Peta Jensen is recalling a sexual fantasy like no other: she was cheating on her husband at a masquerade party with a sexy stranger! Peta Jensen is fucked so nice and hard that she can’t bare to fuck her dorky husband anymore.

Even if Peta doesn’t know who this mysterious guy with a huge cock is, or where he actually lives, she decides to compose a love letter to him detailing their sexy time together. She yearns to see him again, but will her dreams come true?

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Peta’s Pool Time Johnny Sins & Peta Jensen

When ever I see Peta Jensen's name in a Brazzers porn scene, I know I'm in for a treat. She is one of the top porn stars around at the moment. Thank you Brazzers for showing her amazing body in your porn videos.

Scene Description :- Peta Jensen is enjoying the hot summer by keeping cool by the pool. Peta sucks on a popsicle, hungry for some cock. She swims topless, where her curvaceous body gets just as wet as her tight pussy. All Peta wants on this hot summer's day is for a big dick to fuck her brains out. Luckily for her, Johnny Sins is more than willing to give this horny slut the hard fuck she's been desiring!

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Yoga For Perverts Levi Cash & Peta Jensen

If you're going to make a porn video about Yoga For Perverts, then who better to be the sexy yoga instructor than the gorgeous Peta Jensen. Dressed in a flamboyant pint top and grey yoga pants, Peta Jensen is ready to take on her first yoga class of the day.

Her one and only student is Levi Cash. It's his first time at Peta's yoga class. If he knew that he would have a sexy yoga teacher, then he would of worn more appropriate clothing. Within minutes of the yoga class starting, Levi could feel his cock rising. With Peta Jensen bending over in front of him, it was too much for his cock to handle. Levi desperately tries to hide his obvious erection. But it's no use. Peta spots his manhood and asks Levi to explain himself. He tries to say it's just morning wood. But it's 2pm in the afternoon, so Peta knows that his erection has been caused by her bend over and also the fact that Levi had been staring at her perfect chest did not help his situation.

Peta explains to him that it's no the first time she had had a pervert in her yoga class. But what Levi did not expect was that perverts really turn her on. She is flattered that she has given him a large erection without even touching him. Peta asks if she can see his cock. Levi wastes no time and whips out his impressive length. Peta is thrilled by the length. She takes it in hr mouth and give Levi a Yoga lesson that he will never forget.

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Feeling Tense? Easy Trick to Loosen Up

If you've seen this porn ad on PornHub, YouPorn or RedTube, then you are probably looking for the full video. It features the unmistakably beautiful Peta Jensen. She is having a relaxing massage from top British male porn star Keiran Lee. Keiran has his hands all over Peta Jensen's perfectly formed body. Some say that Peta Jensen has the perfect body for porn. I wold not disagree with that statement. She is one of the hottest porn stars working in the adult industry right now. I always look forward to seeing any of her latest porn videos. You will find plenty Peta Jensen videos at

In this porn massage video Peta Jensen and Keiran Lee fuck each other like true pro's. Peta's fine ass is all oiled up and look to good to resist. When Keiran slips his thumb into her arse she knows that she is going to be in for a great ride on his big British cock.

If you have been looking for any Peta Jensen anal sex videos then you are also in luck. This Feeling Tense? Easy Trick to Loosen Up Brazzers porn video show's Keiran Lee getting his cock deep into one of the sexiest arses in the adult business. It's not to be missed by any Peta Jensen fans.

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Massaging Peta Keiran Lee & Peta Jensen

Massaging Peta Jensen. Congratulations, you have found one of the sexiest porn stars on the planet. Peta Jensen has one of the most amazing bodies in the adult instustry right now. Watch Keiran Lee giving her a full body massage and making her perfect pussy moist. She cannot resist his wondering hands. She moans and his fingers slides in between her beautiful plump pussy lips. Her eagerness to have his cock in her mouth overwhelms her and she deep throats him until his cock is solid as a rock. Watch Keiran Lee fuck Peta Jensen from behind as you get a perfect view of her perfectly shaped ass.

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Captain America XXX Parody Full Trailer

The full trailer for Captain America XXX Parody. It has been a longtime coming but finally there is a trailer to go with the Captain America Finally Gets Laid XXX Parody porn advert that had been going around the internet for a month or so. It stars the very sexy Peta Jensen and Charles Dera.

This is the HD version for you to enjoy, so sit back and watch Peta Jenson getting her sexy body fucked hard by Captain America in his full costume.

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Storm of Kings XXX Parody: Behind the Scenes

After a long day of shooting an epic series, Peta and Anissa are ready to relax in the hot tub. Ryan joins his co-stars and things heat up fast. Peta and Anissa want a piece of his cock, so the trio moves indoors for a big boobied threesome!

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