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What’s an empty bus doing parked out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing near but empty trailers and kebab vans? The driver Brittany Bardot insisted everything was on the up and up, but wen I asked to see her ID, she turned on the charm and showed me her desk. Just as I suspected, the whole thing was kitted out as a residence, with a kitchen and sink and all! I’d already heard all the gossip about town, so there’s no way Brittany would convince me this wasn’t the rolling brothel all the men in town gushed about.

When we got to the bedrooms and Brittany realized she was caught red-handed, she made her move and unzipped my pants to see my cock as already rock hard and ready for her to gag on! Win/win scenario for us both when I fucked this Czech slut in the ass, I got anal sex with a Euro whore for free, and Brittany got to have a romp with a man in uniform!

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Officer Summer Brielle has criminals Xander Corvus and Ramon Nomar cornered. This could be the bust of her career but Summer has more pressing needs than career advancement. She wants to get fucked, and a rough fucking from a pair of hardened knucklehead criminals is just what this cop is looking for.


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FakeCop Fucking women in a policemans uniform in London UK

FakeCop video of him in his uniform fucking women in his car and outside on his car bonnet. This guy with a huge cock dresses up in a UK policemans uniform and pulls women over. He uses his charm and fucks them. Women just love the though of being fucked by a policeman in uniform. This guy has a massive dick that women love to get their mouths around and try to deepthroat as much as possible. If his is really lucky, they also lick his arsehole.

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FakeCop Policeman Uniform always gets the girl

This guy likes to dress up as a police officer. He’s a dirty bastard too. His policeman uniform really turns on the women and they are like putty in his hand when he smooth talks his way into their wet little panties. Watch this FakeCop fuck his way around London. Cumming over their faces with a cumshot that goes further than you can spit! The sexy British women love getting fucked by a man in uniform with a big cock.

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