British Chav leads the way in Porn Search

British chav was the most searched porn term on PornHub for 2015. But what the fuck is a chav I hear you cry (if you are not British). Well there area few meanings of the word, but basically is has become a term to describe young people from 14-18 who hang around in groups on the street wearing cap and tracksuits. That’s a fairly broad explanation if I’m honest. I also believe that the actual word “Chav” originates from a Kentish town called Chatham in the South East of England.

So what a are people actually looking for when they are searching for Chav porn? The general believe is that that most female chavs are all filthy when it comes to sex. An easy lay. Someone who will fuck for a Mars Bar. So what makes watching Chavs fucking, so appealing? Is it that people want to see what they looking like underneath those dodgy tracksuits? Or is it just that people fantasise about fucking a Chav so watching Chav porn is the closest that they will get to the real thing?

Click this photo of a typical British Chav and you will get to see a free video of what British Chav porn is all about.

British Chav Porn Video
British Chav Porn Video

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2 Billion Views on PornHub RuseFul Orgy Video

To celebrate having over 2 BILLION VIEWS on just PornHub alone, we decided to create an orgy video to celebrate. This video is over 33 minutes long and available to watch for free.

I think it's an incredible achievement to have over 2 billion view just on one tube site. We also upload our videos to YouPorn, RedTube plus many other tube sites so our full total of view is much higher altogether. In this free full-length porn video you will see Martin fucking 4 sexy babes wearing PornHub outfits that are really tight. They share the champagne and the celebration cake before starting to fuck.

This orgy video has a bit of everything. Fucking, Blowjobs, lesbian kissing and loud orgasms. So please enjoy our video to celebrate 2 Billion view on PornHub.

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Kim Kardashian is a Porn Star Catagory on PornHub

Do you know that Kim Kardashian has her own porn star category on PornHub?? I know she has made a sex-tape or two, but I’m sure she is flattered to be on PornHub.

Here is her porn star biography on PornHub right now :-

We all know Kim Kardashian for her numerous fame-seeking antics, from big celebrity wedding shit shows to incessant reality TV whining. For those of us with more sophisticated taste, we like to remember her for the reasons she got famous in the first place: Body, booty, titty, the holy trinity. Today she’s super famous, but who remembers her early career as a wank-dream hottie? Kardashian first came to fame with a little sex tape she did with her then rapper boytoy Ray J, later released by Vivid Entertainment as “Kim K Superstar”. That ended up leading to all sorts of mainstream TV deals like her E! series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and various spinoffs. Today, she and mega rap ego-star Kanye West may be #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, but in the kingdom of porn, she’s still got one of the world’s most talked about asses. A quick image search of her reveals she’s got a mega penchant for spandex, Lycra, and anything tight around that smooth pudding booty. Let’s not forget that a good booty needs some good jugs for balance, and she’s got those too. We’re thankful that this queen is all over the news and the Internet so much because what a boner-maker sight for sore eyes and tight grips she is. Say it together: Cream On Kardashian!

I could not let this opportunity pass without embedding a Kim Kardashian sex tape video!

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