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Being a Taxi driver is hard (or so I tell my customers!). I had this American babe hop in to my car, she had HUGE tits! I couldn’t stop staring at them in my rear view mirror. They really were something. She told me she was over here travelling with a few friends. Although I got the impression she wasn’t too fond of her boyfriend! She kept saying how boring he was and he wouldn’t go out with her and her friends. Turns out she didn’t really have enough money to pay for the ride. So, we made a deal, she can ride for free if she showed me her massive tits.

After a little bit of thinking she was more than happy to show me them! I could feel my dick getting harder and harder! I said I could give her a wad full of cash if she had sex with me. She haggled me for a bit before agreeing! We found this secluded spot, I got out of the car and she whips my cock out of my pants and starts sucking! It felt so, so good! She even lay on her back and sucked it upside down, this was a new one on me! I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled her out of the car, pulled down her panties and started fucking her from behind, she was loving it!

We got in the car and she got on top and let me slide my cock in and out of her pussy! We fucked until I got to cum all over those huge breasts!

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