Teacher Takes Advantage Katie Morgan & Robby Echo

Teacher Takes Advantage Katie Morgan & Robby Echo
Katie loves giving certain students extra attention. Robbie has been struggling in her class for a while, but she's happy to give him some one-on-one time. He has no idea this teacher preys on clueless young jocks who can't resist her big tits.

he daughter of a conservative Christian pastor, Katie Morgan was home schooled for her entire academic career. But experimenting with the swinging scene woke up the sex-starved slut within her! And as a recent inductee of the illustrious AVN Hall of Fame, she's sure to be remembered for years to come as one of porn's shining stars!

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Whilst patrolling the streets of Great Britain, I walk passed a gorgeous looking blonde women. She didn’t look too happy to be honest and she didn’t even reply when I said hi to her. But good fortune was mine. As she walked passed me, I noticed that she dropped some litter on the floor. Oh dear, not a good thing to do in front of a policeman…even if he is fake. I called her back and explained that I have caught her dropping litter. She tried to apologize and blamed it on the wind. She tried to convince me that the wind bow the tissue out of her hand. As I began to lecture her about the errors of her ways, I noticed that she began to to get very distressed.

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