When A Doctor Needs Help Skyla Novea & Michael Vegas

Who takes care of doctors when they get sick? The nurse! When Dr. Vegas is looking a little unwell, redhead nurse Skyla offers to check him out and make sure everything is okay. Little does he know she has something else in mind. Her big tits and wet pussy should help cure her boss in no time!

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FakeHospital Katarina Muti Earthquake Ignites Sexual Lust

Of all times for an earthquake to strike, it just had to happen while I was in the middle of examining today's patient Katarina Muti. Katarina came into my office looking to make sure her boob job was healing properly, and wanted me to get my hands on her big fake tits. Of course I was happy to oblige, and told her to get her shirt off so I could take a closer look.

After a visual inspection of the shape and roundness of her melons, I squeezed the boobs with one hand, cupping her breasts from behind while I felt her smooth skin, but I couldn't see anything wrong with her! That's when the earthquake surprised us both, shaking the whole building right to our bones!

Katarina was so scared, she ran into my arms, and our horny desires took over. Watch the hot doctor's office sex tape my cameras recorded, how many times Katarina came from my fingers and tongue, before I fucked this Russian babe good and hard!

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RealityKings Get Well Coochie Tina Kay

Tina Kay was visiting her boyfriend in the hospital. There was another guy, Marc, in the bed next to her boyfriends. Marc told her he was in the next bed and she went and checked on him. While she was checking on him her juicy ass was peeking out of her skirt as she bent over. Marc could see her ass in between the curtains and he began to jerk his cock while watching her. She heard him groaning and turned around to see him stroking his cock.

She smiled and asked if he needed any assistance. She made sure her boyfriend took his pills that put him to sleep. Then, she sucked and fucked Marcs cock. She got her pussy pounded and got that man juice all over her face. Her boyfriend woke up and called, looking for her. She came to his bed and he noticed the cum on her face. He told her to leave.

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Perks Of Being A Nurse Lily Love & Sean Lawless

Sexy nurse Lily Love may look like she is sweet and innocent, but every time she sees a male patient with a big cock she gets so excited. Se thinks Sean Lawless is in a coma, so she decides to have a suck on his cock while he is still in his hospital bed. Dressed in her sexy white nurse uniform Lily Love performs oral sex on her patient Sean Lawless. She does not know that he is actually pretending to be unconscious. She thinks she is going to get away with fucking a patient without him knowing, but he is loving every second of her sweet cherry lips around his cock.

Once she has his cock as hard as it can be, she lifts up her nurse uniform and mounts his long stiffy. This is the best day of his life. Seeing a hot nurse riding his hard cock, is the best feeling he has ever know. If her really was in a coma and this was just a dream, then he never wants to wake up!

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Doctor Daydream Rachel RoXXX & Mick Blue

Two nurses stumble upon Mick Blue, the hardest working doctor in the hospital, taking a nap. They don’t wake him, instead they wonder what he’s dreaming about. The doctor is having a sex dream about Rachel Roxxx, the sexiest nurse in the hospital, seducing him in his sleep! The doc gives this naughty nurse the cock she’s craving while she uses her sexy curves and sweet pussy lips to fuck him until his dream cums true!


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FakeHospital Russian chick gives doctor a sexual favour

Very unusual day today. I had this woman come in who said she was looking to get some pills for her brother. I didn’t really understand what was going on at first. She came in without an appointment, asking me for pills she must know I can’t give her. She went on to explain that both she and her brother were in the country illegally. I mean, this was getting ridiculous. She insisted her brother was very sick and she needed those pills…right now. She turned on the water works and I just couldn’t take it. I couldn’t bear seeing another human being that desperate.

So I got as much information as I could to make sure I got the prescription accurate to what she said her brothers symptoms were. When I handed it over, she was incredibly grateful. She held my hand and asked if there was anything she could do for me. I didn’t know what she meant but then she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in for a kiss! She got up, walked around the desk and pulled out my cock and started giving me an amazing blowjob!

This was incredible! I got her up, whipped off her clothes and got her to ride me on my chair. She had an incredible pair for tits and a great ass! We fucked all over the room before I bent her over the desk and fucked her until I came deep inside her pussy!

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FakeHospital Horny teen gets creampied by doctor

My cock stiffened in my doctors uniform trousers when the gorgeous Morgan walked into my office declaring that she was eighteen and needed a basic health examination. She was absolutely beautiful with a pleasant manner and a smile that made my pants tight. I wasted no time in getting her to strip down to her underwear and lay on the examining table. We were making small talk and she told me that she had recently split with her boyfriend and she was feeling sad and alone. Then she said the magic words that I wanted to hear, she confessed to having a weakness for older men. She began to stroke my arm softly and this was a no brainer for me, I mean no one turns down a hot eighteen year old who is throwing herself at them.

We were soon locked in a kiss as I slid my hand into her panties. Her pussy was wet with desire already and it was making my balls tighten thinking of what that moist, hot pussy would feel like wrapped around my cock. This basic examination was turning into a full blown fuck fest and I fucked this hot woman with everything I had. Her body was exquisite and I pounded her hard and fast in several positions, trying to show her why older men were best. She orgasmed several times and her pussy was tighter then an arm wrestlers grip. How I managed to hold off for so long I’ll never know, but after furious and passionate fucking she whispered to me that she wanted me to cum inside her.

I certainly was not going to refuse this beautiful woman a creampie prescription from her doctor and I unloaded both balls deep into her tight, wet pussy. It felt so good I could have stayed there for hours, but I had a busy day to get on with. I pulled my cock out slowly which was followed by a big internal cumshot that slid out of her pussy and dripped onto the floor.

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FakeHospital Slim blonde gets creampied after fucking the doctor

I was just about to finish and head home for the day when there was a knock at my door that I presumed was the cleaning lady. After inviting her in I found it was a delicious looking blonde who was desperate to see me. The place was deserted so I thought I’d spend some time with this young blonde and see what her problem was. Turns out she had lost a lot of weight over the past month and she wanted me to check her over. I did some basic tests but everything seemed Ok, then I sent he to the toilet to get me a urine sample. She hadn’t been in there long when I followed her into the toilet to see if I could help her.

She seemed fine with me helping her try to urinate so I gently applied some pressure to her stomach and slid my finger across her pussy lips. Her breath hitched and I could feel her getting nice and wet as my thumb came to rest on her clit. This patient was one horny lady and she was soon swallowing my cock down her throat like it was the last piece of meat on earth. I love fucking in toilets and I got her to lean up against the wall whilst I fucked her tight, wet pussy from behind. Then I sat on the toilet and she mounted me in reverse cowgirl. It was a little cramped in the toilet so we went back to my office where I continued to fuck her pretty much anywhere that there was a flat surface. She was very vocal, always calling out for more and telling me not to stop, but every man has his limits. After giving her the good fucking that she needed, it was time to unload my medicinal waste deep inside her tight, velvet pussy.

With a loud grunt I fired both bollocks into her pussy which milked my cock dry of every drop. I fired it so deep that only a little bit came out when I went down to inspect her pussy. An amazing blonde that know how to please a man, she’ll have to come back tomorrow though as I never got that urine sample after all.

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