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I got found out today, a woman Skyler McKay who knew all about my fake taxi bit and wanted to get a walk-on role. Skyler approached me parked on break, and invited herself into the back seat of the cab, tearing off her jacket and hiking up her skirt to rub her swollen clit. I buried my face between Skyler's legs and licked her pussy, oral sex made her so horny she was squirming to get her hands on my hard dick.

Skyler unzipped my trousers and sucked me off like a pro, making every inch of my shaft disappear down her throat. My taxi's security cameras recorded the next bit, when Skyler sat down on my boner with her black stockings still on, bouncing her tight ass on me until I thought I was going to blow my wad. I held it in long enough to fuck this raven-haired British babe silly, sending her off with a thick shower of cum all over her taut stomach!

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FemaleFakeTaxi Ava austen Fucks a Male Stripper in her Taxi

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When a lad this jacked jumps into Ava Austens FakeTaxi, she feasted her eyes on his body. Jack flexed his pipes for her, and her eyes kept wandering back to his biceps and broad shoulders. He was a bit shy at first, but Jack was a good sport about pulling his tank top off to show her his pecs and rippling abs. When Ava found out he was a male stripper, the only surprise was how she'd never had the good luck to run into him before!

To get a free ride, Jack stripped down naked in her backseat to show her the tool of his trade, that lovely big cock. As soon as she saw him rubbing it down she had to join him in the back, so they pulled over to a private, secluded spot where they could fuck in peace. To get his dick rock hard, Ava Austen pulled up her shirt to get her big boobs out, then got on her knees and gave him a blowjob.

Jack stiffened in her mouth, so she turned around and rode him. Jack buried his face in her ass and licked her holes, after he ate her out from behind he pounded her again!

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FakeTaxi Victoria Daniels take on a big cock

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I picked up a cute student Victoria Daniels in my taxi, and she turned out to be as smart as she was sexy! She noticed the cameras right away, but she didn’t seem to mind them, and she saw right through my best tricks as I tried to sweet-talk my way into her pants. I appealed to her mindset as an Economics Major by offering a free ride if she’d only show me her her natural tits. When she went to undo her seatbelt, she was stuck stuck and I had to go back there and fiddle her loose! Victoria slid her panties off and let me sniff them, then flashed her shaved pussy and invited me to lick it. You can bet I ate her out with my best moves, then Victoria swallowed up my cock while jacking me off with two hands. By the time I was done pounding this horny student in my cab, she’d learned the value of taking risks with handsome strangers!

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