Caught Step Sister With No Panties

caught step sister with no panties
When the older brother Caught Step Sister With No Panties on, it was his ideal chance to try and convert her into a bisexual. He knew that her step sister was a bit of slut. He had heard rumors that his step sister has slept with hundreds of girls around town and in college. So he was sure she liked pussy, but would she prefer cock?

He had tried and failed before. His lustful hints just didn't work on her, so this time he would just have to be a bit bolder. When he saw her step sister with no panties on, he just reached under her skirt and played with her pussy. To his relief, she did not pull away. Instead she looked into his eyes and wanted more.

Before a word was spoken they began a passionate sibling kiss that seemed to last eternity. Their tongues rolled around each other as they both played each other's genitalia. This was the hottest sexual experience that they had both ever had. As she broke into one of many orgasms, sweat poured from their naked lusting bodies.

Was she now a fully converted bisexual, or would she still go back for pussy?

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